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Exciting work is occurring in Scotland connecting community with soil

Soil City was initiated by Open Jar Collective to create space for conversation, participatory research and knowledge exchange about soil. Soil isn’t part of most everyday interactions, education or policies

We have developed this poster to assist participants in managing repairing, reusing and recycling their bulky waste

There is huge potential for bulky waste to provide ongoing value to our community. This can either be through moving the item to a new home where it can be

Intern position: Operations

Work with CITIES

This is great opportunity for students or people interested in sustainability and environmentally related subjects
It’s time for you to know: CITIES’ third publication is under way! And it’s time for the world to know: a community-centered, circular move beyond “take-make-waste” habits is within reach for city makers and citizens alike. This book will show a way forward.

We live in a linear world. The stubborn inertia of a dominant “business as usual” has spread wasteful habits throughout cities of the global north. Economic interactions and socio-spatial developments

A global publication aimed at catalyzing more inclusive urban development processes available for Japanese readers. More on the book and CITIES’ supporting working methodology follow.

We Own The City advances the ambition to re-institutionalize urban development in a more inclusive, innovative and effective fashion around the world. The publication features in-depth research in New York,

A platform bringing together people and organizations to boost awareness and alleviate rising planetary issues tied to global population growth.
April 2015 CITIES partnered with KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm to give a lecture and workshop, spotlighting CITIES’ project WASTED in relations to principles of Ecological Citizenship in urban development.

(In)formal Harare

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Can citizen-led initiatives ease the friction between the informal and formal economies in Zimbabwe’s capital?

Leaving Harare from Look At Your City on Vimeo. Like clockwork, the smell of toxic fumes fills the atmosphere just before dusk to signal the end of the working day.

We Own The City launched in Hong Kong 10 October 2014, held at University of Hong Kong Swindon Bookstore. Find out more, see photos and watch short movies here.
Fall 2014, We Own The City World Tour lands in Taipei, sparking engaging discussion replete with local stories, bottom-up and top-down practices and everything in between.
How are hotels shaping environmental and social sustainability in cities? Here, we take an inside look, presenting an interview with The Mira Hong Kong, the city’s leading member of Design Hotels™, in thanks for their support of We Own The City book launch Hong Kong.

Environmental and social sustainability in urban systems are critical keys to successful, resilient, livable cities of today and tomorrow. The steps we take – as citizens and city makers, together

September 29 2014, We Own The City launched in NYC, kick starting a dialogue better enabling citizens and city makers to practice inclusive, community-based urban development.
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