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Want to earn 90 EUR at Amsterdam’s Gay Pride Parade, while supporting a good cause and helping keep the city clean? Then you should definitely be a WASTED Soldier.

Amsterdam’s Gay Pride Parade is one of the city’s biggest annual events, drawing 1,000,000 people into the streets. With this mega celebration, comes mega waste. That’s where you step in.

WASTED teamed with the Municipality of Amsterdam to organize a community cleanup day in Amsterdam North.

In 2016, National Cleanup Day was on May 19th. In connection to this, WASTED teamed with the Municipality of Amsterdam to organize a community (litter) cleanup day in Amsterdam North.

Get WASTED. Give plastic. Get rewards. WASTED teams with local businesses and cultural organizations to generate plastic-valued rewards for WASTED Neighbors.

Phase 3! Soon, WASTED will be in full functional form – with our Laboratory built, plastic being collected, WASTED Blocks being made, the School Package educating and Reward System rewarding!

Starting in 2015, CITIES’ new project WASTED dives into community-activated plastic up-cycling and reprocessing, starting the week of 12-16 January with the WASTED Design Club, focused on realizing the WASTED Block and the blueprint for a full-on neighborhood WASTED Laboratory.

DAY ONE: INTRODUCTION AND BLOCK DESIGN Day one at the WASTED Design Club started out as you might think: Introductions. CITIES’ co-founder and managing director Francesca Miazzo and WASTED project

In number 73 of Pakhuis de Zwijger’s What’s Up series, Trash 2.0, CITIES joins waste and plastic practitioners to question trash vs. treasure, exploring up-cyling, dumpster diving, local community waste activation in Noord, and more – don’t miss it: 13 January, 20h00.

The upcoming What’s Up?: Trash 2.0 series visits the world of leftovers, trash, and debris, questioning the notion: is one man’s trash another man’s treasure? In this new series, CITIES’

Plastic is precious, yet wasted abundantly. Dave Hakkens fills in where the big players cannot, offering innovative designs to bring small scale plastic recycling and processing into new materials to your own neighborhood.
Designer and researcher Florie Salnot integrates empathetic research, inclusive design and waste reuse to co-create solutions that empower women and better people’s lives.
Newaste overcomes energy expenditure and material degradation caught up in re-cycling processes by putting potentially wasted materials to good, sustained use. They call it PRE-cycling. Click to learn more here.
Introducing CITIES’ research linking waste to circular economies and neighborhood social and material prosperity through a multi-level collaborative, innovation-based implementation strategy.

Sustainism, Big Society and Little Neighborhoods Graced with a slew of crises, we are presented grand opportunities to modify established practices as the world population grows and cities densify. Instinctively,

Global food waste, from the harvesting to the consumer, every level of the food cycle is considered in this new report on food by the institute of mechanical engineers (Imeche). With a rapidly growing world population and finite resources, the central question arises: how to produce food in this challenging environment?

The world is preparing to change, more and more voices are calling for a more conscious, more circular, more sustainable system. Different developments are leading towards the inevitable end of

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