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WeOwnTheCity is a roving exhibition which originated from Amsterdam then travelled to Marseille and Brussels in 2012 before arriving to Hong Kong. CITIES collaborated with the Faculty of Architecture of The University of Hong Kong in showcasing community practice in architecture. Hong Kong, with a different geographic, social, political, cultural and spatial context from Amsterdam, looks at community practices from a different perspective.

WeOwnTheCity is a roving exhibition which originated from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Researched and co-curated by CITES Foundation Amsterdam in 2011–2012, the exhibition showcased innovative community practices and new urban development

MARK THE DATES 15TH - 17TH AUGUST 2012 IN YOUR CALENDAR as THE EVENT to attend this year before school starts!

The 15th, 16th and 17th Francesca and Anna has been invited to come to Norway by NUDA, the Nordic Urban Design Association, with the purpose of giving a lecture about

We invite everybody to explore the history of the city through the lens of food culture. Join our bike tour, which starts and ends at the Central Market Hall in the Food Center Amsterdam.

It may be really hard to imagine Amsterdam without a single supermarket, however Amsterdam sustained itself without them for a long time. In the OLD AMSTERDAM FOOD TOUR, we travel


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An article on our cultural obsession with the automobile with inspiration. Building our cities around this inefficient and deadly machine.

There’s a dirty little secret about driving: nobody likes it. Most are not able to admit it, for they are themselves unaware that congestion, the constant and excessive costs of

What is the role of non-profit organisations nowadays? And what is their role in the creation of city space?

“If you want to influence reality you have to have dirty hands” PRAGUE: From May 21 till May 23, Francesca and Anna represented CITIES at a symposium and workshop about shaping

Despite, or perhaps precisely because of the encroaching economic crisis, Amsterdammers started a massive process of urban redevelopment by hosting new small-scale initiatives. The 3rd of July, CITIES has been invited to a debate about this process at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

The city is in full swing. Despite, or perhaps precisely because of the encroaching economic crisis, Amsterdammers started a massive process of urban redevelopment by hosting new  small-scale initiatives. Bottom-up

Today in Amsterdam, a growing number of innovative entrepreneurs are interested in the economic perspective of producing food in the city. However, examples of successful ‘green ecopreneurs’ can seem difficult to find. Let's find out why at the debate we co-curate during the Food and Architecture Fair, June 24th

For quite some time, CITIES has been tracking, studying, supporting and engaging with a wide variety of creative and social initiatives concerning urban farming. Today in Amsterdam, a growing number

It may be really hard to imagine Amsterdam without a single supermarket; however, Amsterdam supplied itself without them, and in the OLD AMSTERDAM FOOD TOUR we travel back in time to see how it managed to do so!

The OLD AMSTERDAM FOOD TOUR is a tour around a circle with a diameter of 10 mt. The visitor can engage in a walking experience through 10 selected buildings, which used

CITIES is going all out for the Food and Architecture Fair. We planned an event, a workshop, a huge exhibition and the launch of our new project VOEDELLOGICA

The Day of Architecture is not a day, is a celebration of the relationship in between what we eat and where we live. Enjoy with us the FOOD AND ARCHITECTURE FAIR @AMSTERDAM FOOD CENTER SUNDAY THE 26TH OF

CITOPIA is CITIES' focus on urban movies and documentaries, this coming season, we will focus on Amsterdam - follow our newsletter to know more about our movie programme at Cafè Kriterion

In collaboration with the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam, ARCAM, and Filmtheater Kriterion, CITIES is organising a film programme in Filmtheater Kriterion. The aim of the film programme is to address



The logic of food to think about new urban standards - CITIES' proposal to UPSCALE urban food streams
More than 30 participants, 2 different workshops, coffee, food, seeds, soil and local TV AT5...

Finally we are doing it! After talking, researching, planning and connecting, now it is time to help our beloved urban users to know how to build, maintain and exploit till

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