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  A silent killer for the environment Every day, millions of smokers around the world have to look at prominent, graphic pictures on their cigarette packs. Pictures showing people dying

A platform bringing together people and organizations to boost awareness and alleviate rising planetary issues tied to global population growth.
Newaste overcomes energy expenditure and material degradation caught up in re-cycling processes by putting potentially wasted materials to good, sustained use. They call it PRE-cycling. Click to learn more here.
Learn more about QBRICK – tackling environmental, urban and social challenges by up-cycling and repurposing construction waste into a renewed building material: the QBIRCK, constructing buildings and strengthening communities by engaging in a unique participatory process, empowering citizens through innovative co-creation.

Waste is everywhere. We can’t escape it, nor help but create it. Beyond our individual actions are waste-makers of unthinkable scale. Take construction, for example. Cities worldwide are experiencing rapid

Sunday the 11th of November at the cosy Noorderparkkamer we will present the results of our MUSHROOM TREES project and you are invited! Come see the mushroom trees and help us pick mushrooms grown on different types of clean waste from the city of Amsterdam. Together we will prepare and eat deliciously tasting mushrooms dishes.

  Early October we started building up our so-called MUSHROOM TREES. The MUSHROOM TREES  is a project devised in close collaboration with De Stuurlui Stedenbouw and Groundcondition, who is also

Together with our friends from De Stuurlui Stedenbouw and Groundcondition, we spent a rainy Sunday in October building up our MUSHROOM TREES installation
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