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To what extent are aging issues embedded in the paradigms through which we plan, build, and develop cities and communities? How can we achieve large-scale changes through more local, targeted actions? This instalment forms part of our research journey into the relationship between aging populations and cities.

The last article of this series ultimately posed the question: How can we make people across all fields of urban development aware of age-friendly features (discussed in the last article)

WASTED's Barbara Koole Exchanges Knowledge in Fabrication City Barcelona at Fabrica del Sol and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Research about age-inclusive cities in the face of demographic transitions.
Let’s celebrate our addiction to plastic! Join us alongside diverse leaders in progressive plastic knowledge and practice to experience, discuss and debate our shared opportunities for shaping a more sustainable Plastic Era.

Have you heard of plastiglomerates? They’re hybrid rocks embedded with plastic, marking plastic’s place in the planet’s geological composition. It’s safe to say we’ve reached a point in history when

An investigation into the diverse history and practice of architecture in Brazil, from Brutalism to socially progressive, locally influenced practices.

THE CONSEQUENCES The use of concrete in Brazil is related to a brutalist architectural tendency within the Modern architectural international panorama, during the post-war era of WWII. General characteristics of

(In)formal Harare

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Can citizen-led initiatives ease the friction between the informal and formal economies in Zimbabwe’s capital?

Leaving Harare from Look At Your City on Vimeo. Like clockwork, the smell of toxic fumes fills the atmosphere just before dusk to signal the end of the working day.

We Own The City launched in Hong Kong 10 October 2014, held at University of Hong Kong Swindon Bookstore. Find out more, see photos and watch short movies here.
An international crowd on stage, via Skype and in the audience joined together at CITIES book launch 27 May 2014 at Pakhuis de Zwijger to discuss We Own The City: Enabling Community Practice in Architecture and Urban Planning
We Own the City the publication is kicking off with a grand book launch in Amsterdam May 27th at Pakhuis de Zwijger, before launches in Hong Kong, New York City, Moscow and Taipei. Details and program for Amsterdam's launch here!

We Own the City emerged as a project in 2011, portraying the results of a research initiative investigating bottom-up initiatives and their relationships with urban development history in Amsterdam. Gaining

CITIES Director to present the principles of “Farming the City: Food as a Tool for Urban Development as part of a Madrid University International Architectural and Urban Design Workshop on December 13th.

From the field to the plate, food systems function through complex networks of production, processing, transport and management. In turn, urban environments and our food systems are shaped in relation

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