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WASTED times Noord

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WASTED challenges you to immerse into plastic, paper, glass and textiles waste and start looking at your ‘trash’ with an innovative look
Harvard’s Urban Theory Lab stirs up traditional urban knowledge frameworks and forges fresh thinking, theory and action in the emerging world of planetary urbanization.
The future of Amsterdam Noord is near. Join the conversation and become part of Amsterdam Noord’s future – January 22 at Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Facing North situates Amsterdam Noord in its increasingly recognized transformative context – as extensive, rapid change aligned with globally emerging trends of innovative urban development coincide with local people and

Food Mash Premiers! Learn more and hear from local food producers in Amsterdam.

Farming the City teamed up with Metabolic and BiteMe to advance a common goal: a more resilient food system in Amsterdam. Recognizing fragmentation among actors, they co-created Food Mash –


Featured Articles

This week's article is an overview of urban centers from above, made by Chunyan Song on Space Syntax

This overview is the result of a collaboration of CITIES and Chunyan Song. Chunyan explored the density of the Randstad, a polycentric region in the Netherlands, Los Angeles, a metropolitan


Featured Platform

Free Space Berlin/Freiräume Berlin - an interactive online map that visualizes the locations of publicly owned plots of land in Berlin.


Featured Platform

See how the values of Web 2.0 translate into the birth of the open government and open data movement, and what a holistic approach to financing can bring to local communities and cities alike.
The third group of cities analyzed for the IN.FLOW.ENCE project is online. Check our 500 words on polycentrism for Tokyo, Dubai, Copenhagen Mexico City and Istanbul

The third group of cities analyzed for IN.FLOW.ENCE in terms of polycentrism is online. Once again, we have researched patterns of administrative, participatory and economic urban clustering. This time, we

In.flow.ence, the project that sees CITIES as a think tank is bringing us all over the world (well, at least virtually). We inspire our project partners with the analysis of four of the most amazing cities of our planet, check our overview about multi-centered urban developments

After some months of research, the second group of cities that are dealing with polycentric urban development issues is finally online. CITIES has been analyzing how four of the most

Jerome Poulalier

Featured Photographers

Jerome is a 24 year old French explorer of the world who specializes in street photography
A book by Antoni Folkers

“Modern Architecture in Africa” is the latest book by the architect and urban designer Antoni Folkers, specialised in African architecture. Thanks to his experience on the continent over the last

THE MANGUINHOS COMPLEX Argentine architect Jorge Mario Jauregui has been working in Rio de Janeiro for the last fifteen years using his skills to bring infrastructure and community facilities to

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