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Exciting work is occurring in Scotland connecting community with soil

Soil City was initiated by Open Jar Collective to create space for conversation, participatory research and knowledge exchange about soil. Soil isn’t part of most everyday interactions, education or policies

Floor is WASTED's contact point within the municipality. Earlier this month we interviewed Floor in order to learn a bit about how she views WASTED and our role within the Noord community as waste managers.

When did you first become aware of the WASTED? Last spring my colleague Stef Le Fevre asked me if I wanted to supervise the implementation of the WASTED project from

"We’re working to make our cities healthier and more efficient by developing and sharing the most innovative methods for sustainable food production, energy conservation and material reuse." – Jonathan Pereira

Increasingly disillusioned with industrial mega-farms that characterised much of our modern food system, many cities are witnessing a renewed interest in more socially and environmentally conscious systems of local food

FOODLOGICA Joined WOW Amsterdam’s Plantage Urban Farm event on the National Day of Sustainability to present our use of solar powered cargo e-bikes.
Will cities of the future simply consume, or simultaneously and sustainably produce? ‘Second Nature Urban Agriculture’ offers an in-depth analysis sided with actions for designing sustainable urban agricultural infrastructure. Read more here.

Food security is no joke. And not just in the developed world. Sooner than you would like to think, projections for increasing, interlinked crises in climate, energy and food may

Using food as a tool to experiment in democratic innovation, we prototyped a citizen-inclusive Food Council on Dec 11th. at Pakhuis de Zwijger
For the New Year, join a series of knowledge transfer, networking and action planning events aimed at creating a more resilient food system in Amsterdam!

The Food Mash series is nearing its second event! If you missed the first Food Mash, you can read about it here. In 2014, however, we will do things a

If you had a chance to influence the 2014 Amsterdam Food Future, what priorities would you bring to the table? Come to Pakhuis de Zwijger on Dec. 11th to discover what is at stake.

As Amsterdam develops a new Food Agenda, we developed a new approach to policy development itself, giving citizens a voice, generating constructive discussion and debate, and exploring potential paths for

Food Mash Premiers! Learn more and hear from local food producers in Amsterdam.

Farming the City teamed up with Metabolic and BiteMe to advance a common goal: a more resilient food system in Amsterdam. Recognizing fragmentation among actors, they co-created Food Mash –

The Tosti Factory aims to create awareness about what we eat and where it comes from. From February onwards you can go and see what precedes your tosti on your plate!

Everyone living in Holland knows what a Tosti, Dutch for grilled cheese sandwich, is about. And they all have their own personal reason for this tosti-love, being easy, cheap, but

We are proud to announce that on Sunday March 24, in collaboration with the Food Film Festival, CITIES is organizing a special edition of the OLD AMSTERDAM FOOD TOUR, on which Carolyn Steel will join us!

We are proud to announce that on Sunday March 24, in collaboration with the Food Film Festival, CITIES is organizing a special edition of the OLD AMSTERDAM FOOD TOUR on

Sunday, 24th February, we organized our 3th OLD AMSTERDAM FOOD TOUR for two groups of 30 students from Wageningen University.

In February we had two groups of 30 students from Wageningen University joining our Old Amsterdam Food Tour. All taking a course in Food Culture with Petra Derkzen, the tour

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