The future of urban agriculture and our cities: closing material loops and enabling collaborative practices.

The last day of the conference is dedicated to innovation and the future of urban farming. On this day, we narrow our work on interviewing the speakers, which are truly

Politics and urban agriculture. A short overview of the lectures of Day two

We need politicians that are powerful enough to make the difference. This is a global issue, which requires global action. Why is UA important? The first speaker addresses unemployment issues. Mats

US, Holland, China, Singapore, Japan and The Emirates - UA Summit 2013 its global reach and its local solutions

This time, CITIES is checking out what is going on on a global scale. Plantagon, one of world’s first company devoting itself to the production of vertical farming, is the

Today, CITIES is interviewing the participants of the 2nd World Urban Agriculture Summit by investigating their ambitions and their success in using food as a tool for urban development. Everyone interested in new technologies and possibilities for urban farming should come and pass by our spot of urbaness and enjoy this winter wonderland with CITIES.

Today, the third day of the 2nd Urban Agriculture Summit 2013, has started, which takes place from 29-31 January in Linköping, Sweden. The 3 day Summit is focusing on transformative solutions


Current Projects

FOODLOGICA is a hallmark initiative of new urban non-polluting transportation standards.
After the tasty succes of the Nuit Blanche Courtyard party Kimchi continues with the Kimchi Farm Festival. And Just like then CITIES is there as well.

After the tasty succes of the Nuit Blanche Courtyard party Kimchi continues with the Kimchi Farm Festival. And Just like then CITIES is there as well. Saturday August 11th we



Build your own edible urban landscape

CITIES builds edible urban landscapes with you! Keep track of them on the facebook page: FARMING-THE-

Today in Amsterdam, a growing number of innovative entrepreneurs are interested in the economic perspective of producing food in the city. However, examples of successful ‘green ecopreneurs’ can seem difficult to find. Let's find out why at the debate we co-curate during the Food and Architecture Fair, June 24th

For quite some time, CITIES has been tracking, studying, supporting and engaging with a wide variety of creative and social initiatives concerning urban farming. Today in Amsterdam, a growing number

CITIES is going all out for the Food and Architecture Fair. We planned an event, a workshop, a huge exhibition and the launch of our new project VOEDELLOGICA

The Day of Architecture is not a day, is a celebration of the relationship in between what we eat and where we live. Enjoy with us the FOOD AND ARCHITECTURE FAIR @AMSTERDAM FOOD CENTER SUNDAY THE 26TH OF

More than 30 participants, 2 different workshops, coffee, food, seeds, soil and local TV AT5...

Finally we are doing it! After talking, researching, planning and connecting, now it is time to help our beloved urban users to know how to build, maintain and exploit till

Go visit this year's FFF and pick up the 'Farming the City guide for ultimate beginners'!

For those of you that haven’t bought a ticket for this years edition of the Food Film Festival in Amsterdam yet, you better do so now! This is your chance to

You´ve always wanted to grow your own herbs and crops? This summer, CITIES organizes a series of workshops to teach the basics of urban farming.

We defined a programme of workshops for the summer 2012. The workshops will take place during the Zomer Festival, in the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam Noord.  During the program, we will get

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