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Plastic was thought to be a solution. It was created to allow product affordability as it was a cheap material to produce and package products. This came with multiple socioeconomic

Take Part in a Journey towards the Future of Circular City Making

City is an interconnected system of economic and political interactions and socio-spatial developments. Yet, conventionally, it has been characterised by a linear growth model – often referred to as ‘take-make-waste’.

WASTED presents a 3-year vision and strategy for Plastic Free Amsterdam Arena by 2020

Amsterdam Arena is a frontrunner in creating smart solutions for metropolitan challenges and contemporary societal issues. The Amsterdam Arena Innovation Center counts almost two years of generating perfect ecosystem for a cross-sectoral


Work with CITIES

WASTED started with the ambition to directly involve communities in turning a straight make-take-waste system into a regenerative, circular one through a progressive plastic recycling strategy. Now we’re expanding to Amsterdam De Pijp with our separation scheme for bulky waste, seeking a small team of community activators to lead the way!
Thanks to a partnership with De Gezonde Stad, the WASTED Reward System takes new form, and new forms of waste, in the Dapperbuurt neighborhood of Amsterdam Oost.

WASTED began nearly two years ago as a pilot project in Amsterdam Noord – the city’s northern ‘hood, separated from the central boroughs by the river IJ. With much success, that

WASTED teamed with Plastic Soup Foundation and Amsterdam Schoon (clean) to help keep the streets clean during and after the massive 2016 Europride Canal Parade. Our WASTED Soldiers were on the frontlines of the endeavor, promoting recycling and our Reward System.
On a little island just off Amsterdam’s mainland, two neighborhoods exist: Java and KNSM. The WASTED Plastic Race brings them head-to-head in a 10-week recycling race. The goal is for each neighborhood to get as many households recycling their plastic waste as possible before the finish. Can they reach 100%?

JAVA + KNSM ISLAND COMMUNITIES RACE TO RECYCLE Racers start at the current local plastic recycling rate: 7.4% of households. During FabCity’s 10 weeks, they race 17 April through 26

FabCity is a self-sufficient micro-society emerging April through June 2016 to explore current solutions to tomorrow’s biggest urban challenges – like plastic waste. CITIES brings a not-to-be-missed 4-part inside look into plastic’s many possibilities.
FabCity is a self-sufficient micro-society, emerging April through June 2016 to explore current solutions to tomorrow’s biggest urban challenges – like plastic waste. CITIES brings a not-to-be-missed inside look into plastic’s grand potential.

A small island just off Amsterdam’s mainland is being transformed into a self-sufficient micro-society exploring the future of everyday living. It’s called FabCity – the cornerstone of the Europe by

On 17 February 2016, we welcomed the students of the Gymnasium Haganum in The Hague and their French exchange students to have a three-part WASTED workshop at the Gele Pomp, located in Amsterdam Noord’s Noorderpark. During the morning workshop, we helped make students aware of our collective plastic addiction; taught them how to recognize different types of plastic during a Plastic Archeology lesson; and showed them how to reprocess locally recycled plastic waste.

WASTED Operations Assistant

Work with CITIES

Interested in plugging into the heart of a community-driven, forward-thinking local plastic waste management system in Amsterdam Noord? Here’s your opportunity to contribute, assisting management of daily operations.
On the 26th of January 2016, we organized an evening around practices, innovations and possibilities shaping our future relationship with plastic waste.
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