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CITIES Stockholm to host the closing film screening of three-day event on the theme "Who is the City?", followed with discussion (and DJ and drinks) November 16th, 2013 @ Och Designcentrum Stockholm

“The Motor City”– Detroit: an epicenter of the American middle class, where an industrial utopian past idealized the “American Dream.” That dream saw a definitive end the summer of 2013,

After being at the UA Summit, asking every speaker for an interview, writing down the most important issues, designing and editing, finally the report is ready for everyone to check out.

Check out our document for the full report of the UA Summit

The future of urban agriculture and our cities: closing material loops and enabling collaborative practices.

The last day of the conference is dedicated to innovation and the future of urban farming. On this day, we narrow our work on interviewing the speakers, which are truly

Politics and urban agriculture. A short overview of the lectures of Day two

We need politicians that are powerful enough to make the difference. This is a global issue, which requires global action. Why is UA important? The first speaker addresses unemployment issues. Mats

Today, CITIES is interviewing the participants of the 2nd World Urban Agriculture Summit by investigating their ambitions and their success in using food as a tool for urban development. Everyone interested in new technologies and possibilities for urban farming should come and pass by our spot of urbaness and enjoy this winter wonderland with CITIES.

Today, the third day of the 2nd Urban Agriculture Summit 2013, has started, which takes place from 29-31 January in Linköping, Sweden. The 3 day Summit is focusing on transformative solutions

CITIES has been invited to participate in the Good Morning conference on the 16th of November in Stockholm - an annual international conference that focuses on future trends, entrepreneurship and innovation.

CITIES has been invited to participate in the Good Morning conference on the 16th of November in Stockholm. Good Morning is the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship’s annual international event on future

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