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WASTED started with the ambition to directly involve communities in turning a straight make-take-waste system into a regenerative, circular one through a progressive plastic recycling strategy. Now we’re expanding to Amsterdam De Pijp with our separation scheme for bulky waste, seeking a small team of community activators to lead the way!
It’s time for you to know: CITIES’ third publication is under way! And it’s time for the world to know: a community-centered, circular move beyond “take-make-waste” habits is within reach for city makers and citizens alike. This book will show a way forward.

We live in a linear world. The stubborn inertia of a dominant “business as usual” has spread wasteful habits throughout cities of the global north. Economic interactions and socio-spatial developments

To what extent are aging issues embedded in the paradigms through which we plan, build, and develop cities and communities? How can we achieve large-scale changes through more local, targeted actions? This instalment forms part of our research journey into the relationship between aging populations and cities.

The last article of this series ultimately posed the question: How can we make people across all fields of urban development aware of age-friendly features (discussed in the last article)

CITIES is bringing our research project WeOwnTheCity to the next level by focusing on how we can help citizens to engage in urban development practices.

CITIES is following up the work we initiated in our research project WeOwnTheCity. We are right now looking for support to analyse Amsterdam’s urban development practices as they currently work

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