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It’s time for you to know: CITIES’ third publication is under way! And it’s time for the world to know: a community-centered, circular move beyond “take-make-waste” habits is within reach for city makers and citizens alike. This book will show a way forward.

We live in a linear world. The stubborn inertia of a dominant “business as usual” has spread wasteful habits throughout cities of the global north. Economic interactions and socio-spatial developments

Highlights of an eventful 2014 at CITIES! From Old Amsterdam Food Tours tracking tastes and traditions throughout the old city center to the launch of new local food logistic systems and a fresh publication, we were thrilled with 2014's progress and adventures.

Amsterdam Time-lapse: Welcoming 2015 from CITIES on Vimeo. From Old Amsterdam Food Tours tracking tastes and traditions throughout the old city center to the launch of new local food logistic

How are hotels shaping environmental and social sustainability in cities? Here, we take an inside look, presenting an interview with The Mira Hong Kong, the city’s leading member of Design Hotels™, in thanks for their support of We Own The City book launch Hong Kong.

Environmental and social sustainability in urban systems are critical keys to successful, resilient, livable cities of today and tomorrow. The steps we take – as citizens and city makers, together

How are top-down actors enabling bottom-up, people-driven initiatives in YOUR city? We posed this question to urban bloggers around the world. Read their stories from Lagos, Brussels, Port au Prince, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Madrid, Toronto, Vienna and Rennes here.

The We Own The City discourse aims to stir up urban development practices into a more inclusive, collaborative and innovative mixture. To catalyze new thinking on the theme, we launched

We Own the City the publication is kicking off with a grand book launch in Amsterdam May 27th at Pakhuis de Zwijger, before launches in Hong Kong, New York City, Moscow and Taipei. Details and program for Amsterdam's launch here!

We Own the City emerged as a project in 2011, portraying the results of a research initiative investigating bottom-up initiatives and their relationships with urban development history in Amsterdam. Gaining

We Own The City

Current Projects

A global project aiming to re-institutionalize urban development in a more collaborative, innovative and effective fashion. We Own The City the publication launched 27 May 2014, featuring research in New York, Moscow, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Taipei, and interviews with architects such as OMA, MVRDV, NEXT Architects and UN Studio.
Developments in ongoing urban research from New York, Moscow, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Taipei for CITIES’ upcoming We Own The City publication.

Building Blocks: Foundations of Future Urban Development   Building from the top does not work without starting from a strong foundation. We Own The City’s research in five cities around

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