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The 10-week plastic race ended with increased recycling rates and awareness, and the donation of two recycled-plastic picnic tables.

For 10 weeks, from April through June 2016, WASTED engaged the residents of Java- and KNSM-island in a race to recycle more plastic waste in their neighborhoods. In collaboration with

On a little island just off Amsterdam’s mainland, two neighborhoods exist: Java and KNSM. The WASTED Plastic Race brings them head-to-head in a 10-week recycling race. The goal is for each neighborhood to get as many households recycling their plastic waste as possible before the finish. Can they reach 100%?

JAVA + KNSM ISLAND COMMUNITIES RACE TO RECYCLE Racers start at the current local plastic recycling rate: 7.4% of households. During FabCity’s 10 weeks, they race 17 April through 26

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