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Follow CITIES to discover the innovative aspects and the benefits for the local economy in connecting local restaurants and farmers, using sustainable transports

In Korea, this September we will witness to one of the most impressive collection of urban transport innovation. Yes, just one neighbourhood, that’s the test case for sustainable mobility, not

On the 19th of June, we will work on developing the Norwegian version of the work carried on in the framework of Farming the City /Amsterdam.

Our aficionados might already know that CITIES is working as a consultant and strategist for the waterfront redevelopment of the radiant city of Stavanger, in Norway. Together with Asluag, the

A lovely spring evening of thoughts about the need to localize food systems
On the 28th of May, we are celebrating local food system at the Architecture Museum in Stockholm. Come and enjoy the evening with us

CITIES has in the past three years been working on the project Farming The City, investigating the link between local food systems and urban planning. The work has now resulted

The book launch of our publication was an event of 2 hours hosted by Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam
In the last three years, FARMING THE CITY developed into an independent incubator for local food system innovation, here we present an overview of our work, waiting to re-style the website

In this post, we will explain the work we are currently doing with FARMING THE CITY and the path that brought CITIES to create the book FARMING THE CITY: FOOD

L’11 Aprile alle 19:00, i nostri amici di Cascina Cuccagna, ci offrono la possibilità di fare una presentazione del libro durante la settimana del Salone. Vieni a condividere le tue idee sul cibo come strumento di urbanizzazione

FARMING THE CITY – FOOD AS A TOOL FOR TODAY’S URBANISATION significa letteralmente “coltivando la città – il cibo come strumento per l’urbanizzazione contemporanea”. In questa collezione di saggi, proviamo

In the book FARMING THE CITY, USING FOOD AS A TOOL FOR TODAY'S URBANISATION, CITIES shares the knowledge and insights gathered during three years of local and global research into local food systems.

We are proud to present our brand new book FARMING THE CITY, USING FOOD AS A TOOL FOR TODAY’S URBANISATION  the 10th of April at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam. In

On the 21st of February CITIES gave a workshop on food as a tool for waterfront redevelopment at Stavanger East, Norway
WeOwnTheCity is a roving exhibition which originated from Amsterdam then travelled to Marseille and Brussels in 2012 before arriving to Hong Kong. CITIES collaborated with the Faculty of Architecture of The University of Hong Kong in showcasing community practice in architecture. Hong Kong, with a different geographic, social, political, cultural and spatial context from Amsterdam, looks at community practices from a different perspective.

WeOwnTheCity is a roving exhibition which originated from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Researched and co-curated by CITES Foundation Amsterdam in 2011–2012, the exhibition showcased innovative community practices and new urban development

After being at the UA Summit, asking every speaker for an interview, writing down the most important issues, designing and editing, finally the report is ready for everyone to check out.

Check out our document for the full report of the UA Summit

The future of urban agriculture and our cities: closing material loops and enabling collaborative practices.

The last day of the conference is dedicated to innovation and the future of urban farming. On this day, we narrow our work on interviewing the speakers, which are truly

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