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As FOODLOGICA continues to grow, we took the opportunity to speak with Operations Assistant Patrick O'Callaghan to find out more about how it is to work for this company.

As FOODLOGICA continues to grow, we took the opportunity to speak with Operations Assistant Patrick O’Callaghan to find out more about how it is to work for this company. Hello Patrick where

“We try to bring all of the information to us and then we share it again to the other people.” - Frank Scholtens

In a truly circular economy, not a single drop of energy should be wasted. However, today we are far from this ideal; throwing away vast mountains of organic waste each

A small, localised solution to a more endemic problem of food waste: “These little things are the things that change life, that change our reality.” – Ainhoa Crespo Gadea

We all create staggering quantities of waste; it’s become inherent part of our daily lives. But this waste creates large environmental and economic challenges for cities. In steps Solidarity Fridge (Nevera Solidaria

The waste of yesterday is the ‘harvest of today’

In the transition towards circular cities, experience sharing is key. No two solutions will be the same, but the value gained from these experiences can be huge. This is the

FOODLOGICA is the only electric powered company focused solely on local food transport. Greening the last-mine of food delivery in Amsterdam.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a new city, then you know that getting from point A to point B through labyrinthine streets of staggering complexity, can be a pretty

From past to present, the Old Amsterdam Food Tour links traditional knowledge and tastes with the present. Linking the Tour’s past with present, we were granted by Stadsdeel Amsterdam Centrum to launch an all-new tour this year!

CITIES self-initiated the Old Amsterdam Food Tour last year. Finding much success tasting and teaching people about the food traditions in the heart of Amsterdam, this year we were granted

April 12th in the city centre, taste, prepare, learn and share while re-discovering your relationship with local food traditions at the Old Amsterdam Food Market, where workshops featuring local entrepreneurs will treat you and teach you, from a time when food was the very core of the city public life.

Old Amsterdam Food Market 2014 from CITIES on Vimeo. Credit: Xena Maria Evers Credit: So Dam Local In 2013, locals and visitors alike have been enjoying the knowledge and tastes

2014 is gearing up to be an exciting new year at CITIES! But before jumping ahead, we thought it would be great to share a ‘highlight reel’ of events, workshops, lectures and happenings that CITIES involved with in 2013. Keep reading to discover our 2013 urban explorations!

2013 was a busy year at CITIES. Looking back, from the Urban Agriculture Summit in Linköping, Sweden, all the way to Prototyping a Food Council at Pakhuis de Zwijger in

Using food as a tool to experiment in democratic innovation, we prototyped a citizen-inclusive Food Council on Dec 11th. at Pakhuis de Zwijger
For the New Year, join a series of knowledge transfer, networking and action planning events aimed at creating a more resilient food system in Amsterdam!

The Food Mash series is nearing its second event! If you missed the first Food Mash, you can read about it here. In 2014, however, we will do things a

Food Mash Premiers! Learn more and hear from local food producers in Amsterdam.

Farming the City teamed up with Metabolic and BiteMe to advance a common goal: a more resilient food system in Amsterdam. Recognizing fragmentation among actors, they co-created Food Mash –

Join us at Pakhuis de Zwijger to explore how a new model of public engagement can make values and priorities of civil society and the bottom-up food revolution better represented in Amsterdam's developing new Food Agenda.

As the city of Amsterdam is developing a new Food Agenda, CITIES’ food policy experts decided to engage in conversation with other representatives of the civil society to define a

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