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Read about the exciting range of work, intern and other opportunities we have opening up!

There are many exciting opportunities opening up to join our team! The weather is starting to warm up and so are we. The expansion of FOODLOGICA and WASTED’s ongoing work with

As FOODLOGICA continues to grow, we took the opportunity to speak with Operations Assistant Patrick O'Callaghan to find out more about how it is to work for this company.

As FOODLOGICA continues to grow, we took the opportunity to speak with Operations Assistant Patrick O’Callaghan to find out more about how it is to work for this company. Hello Patrick where

FOODLOGICA is the only electric powered company focused solely on local food transport. Greening the last-mine of food delivery in Amsterdam.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a new city, then you know that getting from point A to point B through labyrinthine streets of staggering complexity, can be a pretty

As CITIES’ first registered commercial activity, FOODLOGICA lives to elevate the virtuous cycle of food in the urban ecosystem, and to push further for new, holistic and sustainable standards for urban food consumption.
Using food as a tool to experiment in democratic innovation, we prototyped a citizen-inclusive Food Council on Dec 11th. at Pakhuis de Zwijger
For the New Year, join a series of knowledge transfer, networking and action planning events aimed at creating a more resilient food system in Amsterdam!

The Food Mash series is nearing its second event! If you missed the first Food Mash, you can read about it here. In 2014, however, we will do things a

If you had a chance to influence the 2014 Amsterdam Food Future, what priorities would you bring to the table? Come to Pakhuis de Zwijger on Dec. 11th to discover what is at stake.

As Amsterdam develops a new Food Agenda, we developed a new approach to policy development itself, giving citizens a voice, generating constructive discussion and debate, and exploring potential paths for

Food Mash Premiers! Learn more and hear from local food producers in Amsterdam.

Farming the City teamed up with Metabolic and BiteMe to advance a common goal: a more resilient food system in Amsterdam. Recognizing fragmentation among actors, they co-created Food Mash –

a city tour that explains Amsterdam’s historic relationship with food and food trade
Apply now to the workshop on more resilient food systems at Pakhuis de Zwijger. Together with CITIES, METABOLIC and Alastair Fuad-Luke

The third week of September is Urban Innovation in Amsterdam The organization Pakhuis de Zwijger, together with the Unviersity of Amsterdam and the city of Amsterdam are co-hosting a full

Wednesday, October 3rd, we organised our second OLD AMSTERDAM FOOD TOUR for a group of students, studying Sustainable Development in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The OLD AMSTERDAM FOOD TOUR has become a huge success! This wednesday, October 3rd, CITIES is going to organize our second bike tour for a group of students studying sustainable development in Copenhagen.

Some weeks ago we got an email from DIS, The Danish Institute for Study Abroad, in Copenhagen, asking if we would be interested in giving an ‘OLD AMSTERDAM FOOD TOUR’

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