A new approach for grid operations that achieve a sustainable, secure, and cost-effective energy system by providing long-term, locally generated power security prioritized for the community.

The Wasted City book is a collection of work that combines compelling insights on circularity by external professionals, experts, and thinkers with a case-based approach. The latter is pursued by various specialized individuals working directly with CITIES’

FOODLOGICA is the only electric powered company focused solely on local food transport. Greening the last-mine of food delivery in Amsterdam.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a new city, then you know that getting from point A to point B through labyrinthine streets of staggering complexity, can be a pretty

We will only attain ecological conversion when it becomes socially desirable. CITIES found a way to make it desirable both socially and economically.

Circularity and connectivity are what almost all living systems have been based on since the big bang. Why almost? People are still firmly accustomed to the linear thinking – we take, we

It’s time for you to know: CITIES’ third publication is under way! And it’s time for the world to know: a community-centered, circular move beyond “take-make-waste” habits is within reach for city makers and citizens alike. This book will show a way forward.

We live in a linear world. The stubborn inertia of a dominant “business as usual” has spread wasteful habits throughout cities of the global north. Economic interactions and socio-spatial developments

With nearly 700 member households in Amsterdam Noord, the Municipality is no longer able or willing to provide the support we need to increase local plastic recycling even further. Now YOU CAN SAVE WASTED NOORD!

At its core, WASTED is a project about communities and citizens – the vibrant heart of city life that defines how we live today, and how we live tomorrow. Kicking off

Our WASTED Soldiers are armed and ready to storm the streets and canals by foot and boat to recycle during Amsterdam’s Gay Pride Canal Parade! They’ll also be giving out rewards to all the virtuous do-gooders who help keep the streets clean!

WASTED Soldiers storming streets? Armed and ready to recycle? Rewards? What are we talking about? How does it work? Amsterdam’s Gay Pride Canal Parade is one of the city’s biggest

Want to earn 90 EUR at Amsterdam’s Gay Pride Parade, while supporting a good cause and helping keep the city clean? Then you should definitely be a WASTED Soldier.

Amsterdam’s Gay Pride Parade is one of the city’s biggest annual events, drawing 1,000,000 people into the streets. With this mega celebration, comes mega waste. That’s where you step in.

FabCity is a self-sufficient micro-society, emerging April through June 2016 to explore current solutions to tomorrow’s biggest urban challenges – like plastic waste. CITIES brings a not-to-be-missed inside look into plastic’s grand potential.

A small island just off Amsterdam’s mainland is being transformed into a self-sufficient micro-society exploring the future of everyday living. It’s called FabCity – the cornerstone of the Europe by

What is the relationship between aging populations and cities? How can we advance more innovative, age-inclusive cities as we face rapid demographic transitions? These questions form the foundation of CITIES’ new research agenda.

We have a method for project development and implementation at CITIES. To give a rough breakdown, it begins with research into a pressing global issue. Following careful analysis, we seek

What is the relationship between aging populations and cities? How can we advance more innovative, age-inclusive cities? This is the first installment of our research journey into this topic. We invite you to join us in our discoveries.

Sun City segregated living, Arizona, USA Rapid demographic transformations across the globe make one of the most burning questions of our time evermore relevant: how do we deal with population

Let’s celebrate our addiction to plastic! Join us alongside diverse leaders in progressive plastic knowledge and practice to experience, discuss and debate our shared opportunities for shaping a more sustainable Plastic Era.

Have you heard of plastiglomerates? They’re hybrid rocks embedded with plastic, marking plastic’s place in the planet’s geological composition. It’s safe to say we’ve reached a point in history when

WASTED's initial pilot phase took place January through August 2015. This report evaluates the project's central aspects as operations continue and we transition towards a self-sustaining initiative.

This report does not mark the end of WASTED, but rather signifies the project’s expansion. We have learned what worked, what didn’t, and the key areas to focus on as

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