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Plastic is precious, yet wasted abundantly. Dave Hakkens fills in where the big players cannot, offering innovative designs to bring small scale plastic recycling and processing into new materials to your own neighborhood.
Designer and researcher Florie Salnot integrates empathetic research, inclusive design and waste reuse to co-create solutions that empower women and better people’s lives.
Newaste overcomes energy expenditure and material degradation caught up in re-cycling processes by putting potentially wasted materials to good, sustained use. They call it PRE-cycling. Click to learn more here.
Numbers and statistics only go so far. Gregg Segal gives waste new meaning through novel photography: capturing images of people lying in 7 days of their own waste.

Logan Hicks

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Logan Hicks is a stencil artist who has rocketed to the top ranks of his field with his borderline obsessive approach to creating stencils.
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