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An investigation into the diverse history and practice of architecture in Brazil, from Brutalism to socially progressive, locally influenced practices.

THE CONSEQUENCES The use of concrete in Brazil is related to a brutalist architectural tendency within the Modern architectural international panorama, during the post-war era of WWII. General characteristics of

Urban areas are experiencing change, including new values, expectations and practices surrounding how we interact with our built environment. Here, Urban Reporter Anja Wolf explores the potential for enabling more choice in digital navigation.

Image source: https://www.google.com/maps While living in Istanbul, I was always surprised to see tourists walking around with huge, traditional paper maps, rather than using digital maps available on varied devices.

(In)formal Harare

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Can citizen-led initiatives ease the friction between the informal and formal economies in Zimbabwe’s capital?

Leaving Harare from Look At Your City on Vimeo. Like clockwork, the smell of toxic fumes fills the atmosphere just before dusk to signal the end of the working day.

MONU magazine's latest edition examines ‘Geographical Urbanism’. In this review, Karlis Ratnieks emphasizes the plurality of geography’s implications on urbanization in order to push geography toward a critical practice.

MONU magazine continues to be an important platform that allows crucial conversations to begin across disciplines and inspire professionals to rethink the urban phenomenon from new perspectives. The latest edition

The Tosti Factory aims to create awareness about what we eat and where it comes from. From February onwards you can go and see what precedes your tosti on your plate!

Everyone living in Holland knows what a Tosti, Dutch for grilled cheese sandwich, is about. And they all have their own personal reason for this tosti-love, being easy, cheap, but

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