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This is great opportunity for students or people interested in sustainability and environmentally related subjects
"We’re working to make our cities healthier and more efficient by developing and sharing the most innovative methods for sustainable food production, energy conservation and material reuse." – Jonathan Pereira

Increasingly disillusioned with industrial mega-farms that characterised much of our modern food system, many cities are witnessing a renewed interest in more socially and environmentally conscious systems of local food

It’s time for you to know: CITIES’ third publication is under way! And it’s time for the world to know: a community-centered, circular move beyond “take-make-waste” habits is within reach for city makers and citizens alike. This book will show a way forward.

We live in a linear world. The stubborn inertia of a dominant “business as usual” has spread wasteful habits throughout cities of the global north. Economic interactions and socio-spatial developments

A platform bringing together people and organizations to boost awareness and alleviate rising planetary issues tied to global population growth.
Highlights of an eventful 2014 at CITIES! From Old Amsterdam Food Tours tracking tastes and traditions throughout the old city center to the launch of new local food logistic systems and a fresh publication, we were thrilled with 2014's progress and adventures.

Amsterdam Time-lapse: Welcoming 2015 from CITIES on Vimeo. From Old Amsterdam Food Tours tracking tastes and traditions throughout the old city center to the launch of new local food logistic

As CITIES’ first registered commercial activity, FOODLOGICA lives to elevate the virtuous cycle of food in the urban ecosystem, and to push further for new, holistic and sustainable standards for urban food consumption.
Organized to kick-off a new season of the Old Amsterdam Food Tour, the first-ever Old Amsterdam Food Market was a tasty, fun success. Find photos and more recapturing the day here.
Nourish the body and mind – tantalizing your taste buds and learning about Amsterdam’s food history in an exploration of the beautiful city center today. Late April, we kick-off the 2014 Old Amsterdam Food Tour! Tours start the 23rd and 30th in both Dutch and English. Find out more!

The Old Amsterdam Food Tour takes you to a time when food was at the heart of social, economic and political life – when oxen walked the streets on their

April 12th in the city centre, taste, prepare, learn and share while re-discovering your relationship with local food traditions at the Old Amsterdam Food Market, where workshops featuring local entrepreneurs will treat you and teach you, from a time when food was the very core of the city public life.

Old Amsterdam Food Market 2014 from CITIES on Vimeo. Credit: Xena Maria Evers Credit: So Dam Local In 2013, locals and visitors alike have been enjoying the knowledge and tastes

2014 is gearing up to be an exciting new year at CITIES! But before jumping ahead, we thought it would be great to share a ‘highlight reel’ of events, workshops, lectures and happenings that CITIES involved with in 2013. Keep reading to discover our 2013 urban explorations!

2013 was a busy year at CITIES. Looking back, from the Urban Agriculture Summit in Linköping, Sweden, all the way to Prototyping a Food Council at Pakhuis de Zwijger in

Using food as a tool to experiment in democratic innovation, we prototyped a citizen-inclusive Food Council on Dec 11th. at Pakhuis de Zwijger
For the New Year, join a series of knowledge transfer, networking and action planning events aimed at creating a more resilient food system in Amsterdam!

The Food Mash series is nearing its second event! If you missed the first Food Mash, you can read about it here. In 2014, however, we will do things a

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