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WasteBuild is an event showcasing the most innovative projects towards a circular built environment

WasteBuild is the first and only international event dedicated to accelerating the transition towards a circular built environment. During this event, architects, engineers, developers and policymakers will exchange circular initiatives

On September 19 we took matter in our own hands and cleaned the streets in our neighbourhood

September 21st was World Cleanup Day and 20 million people in 179 countries joined forces to make their beaches, streets, forests and parks a little cleaner. This annual day is

72U brought together WASTED and De Ceuvel to discuss the question: How can we make sustainable living more accessible and relevant for all?
Our WASTED Soldiers are armed and ready to storm the streets and canals by foot and boat to recycle during Amsterdam’s Gay Pride Canal Parade! They’ll also be giving out rewards to all the virtuous do-gooders who help keep the streets clean!

WASTED Soldiers storming streets? Armed and ready to recycle? Rewards? What are we talking about? How does it work? Amsterdam’s Gay Pride Canal Parade is one of the city’s biggest

On a little island just off Amsterdam’s mainland, two neighborhoods exist: Java and KNSM. The WASTED Plastic Race brings them head-to-head in a 10-week recycling race. The goal is for each neighborhood to get as many households recycling their plastic waste as possible before the finish. Can they reach 100%?

JAVA + KNSM ISLAND COMMUNITIES RACE TO RECYCLE Racers start at the current local plastic recycling rate: 7.4% of households. During FabCity’s 10 weeks, they race 17 April through 26

On the 26th of January 2016, we organized an evening around practices, innovations and possibilities shaping our future relationship with plastic waste.
Let’s celebrate our addiction to plastic! Join us alongside diverse leaders in progressive plastic knowledge and practice to experience, discuss and debate our shared opportunities for shaping a more sustainable Plastic Era.

Have you heard of plastiglomerates? They’re hybrid rocks embedded with plastic, marking plastic’s place in the planet’s geological composition. It’s safe to say we’ve reached a point in history when

The WASTED Plastic Night showcased innovative plastic initiatives, bringing people together alongside music, films, food and drinks to spread awareness around circular waste management.
In number 73 of Pakhuis de Zwijger’s What’s Up series, Trash 2.0, CITIES joins waste and plastic practitioners to question trash vs. treasure, exploring up-cyling, dumpster diving, local community waste activation in Noord, and more – don’t miss it: 13 January, 20h00.

The upcoming What’s Up?: Trash 2.0 series visits the world of leftovers, trash, and debris, questioning the notion: is one man’s trash another man’s treasure? In this new series, CITIES’

FOODLOGICA Joined WOW Amsterdam’s Plantage Urban Farm event on the National Day of Sustainability to present our use of solar powered cargo e-bikes.
Fall 2014, We Own The City World Tour lands in Taipei, sparking engaging discussion replete with local stories, bottom-up and top-down practices and everything in between.
CITIES will be on the move in the coming weeks, going to Lecce (Italy), NYC, Hong Kong and Taipei, we will be working to bring conceptual urban ownership into local projects, continually pushing for new urban development standards in the name of We Own The City.

Based on the publication’s theme of inclusive urban development practices that strategically bridge actors at the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’, we designed an all new We Own The City Workshop for

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