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In 2015, CITIES’ project WASTED dives into community-activated, local plastic waste reprocessing. In phase one, we will work with local community and designers in a Design Club focused on realizing the WASTED Block and the blueprint for a full-on neighborhood WASTED Laboratory.

Currently only 10% (10%!) of plastic waste is recycled. Just think, how much do you alone waste in a day? In a week? Now, imagine you could use plastic waste

How are hotels shaping environmental and social sustainability in cities? Here, we take an inside look, presenting an interview with The Mira Hong Kong, the city’s leading member of Design Hotels™, in thanks for their support of We Own The City book launch Hong Kong.

Environmental and social sustainability in urban systems are critical keys to successful, resilient, livable cities of today and tomorrow. The steps we take – as citizens and city makers, together

Designer and researcher Florie Salnot integrates empathetic research, inclusive design and waste reuse to co-create solutions that empower women and better people’s lives.


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MAS Context, a quarterly journal created by MAS Studio, addresses issues that affect the urban context. Each issue delivers a comprehensive view of a single topic through the active participation of people from different fields and different perspectives who, together, instigate the debate.

We’re based in Chicago, but our reach is global. We’re a platform for the sharing of relevant proposals, ideas and experiences that help advance the world of design. Our approach

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