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With nearly 700 member households in Amsterdam Noord, the Municipality is no longer able or willing to provide the support we need to increase local plastic recycling even further. Now YOU CAN SAVE WASTED NOORD!

At its core, WASTED is a project about communities and citizens – the vibrant heart of city life that defines how we live today, and how we live tomorrow. Kicking off

On 17 February 2016, we welcomed the students of the Gymnasium Haganum in The Hague and their French exchange students to have a three-part WASTED workshop at the Gele Pomp, located in Amsterdam Noord’s Noorderpark. During the morning workshop, we helped make students aware of our collective plastic addiction; taught them how to recognize different types of plastic during a Plastic Archeology lesson; and showed them how to reprocess locally recycled plastic waste.
A unique sustinable urban development site, De Ceuvel boatyard has turned 'from a polluted brownfield to a cleantech playground'. In this article, journalist/blogger Nicola Chadwick offers an inside look at the history, happenings and tastes of the progressive development and operation of Café De Ceuvel.

What happens when a group of enthusiastic idealists discover a disused boatyard where the ground is so polluted that you can’t actually walk on it. Well, the answer is obvious,

The future of Amsterdam Noord is near. Join the conversation and become part of Amsterdam Noord’s future – January 22 at Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Facing North situates Amsterdam Noord in its increasingly recognized transformative context – as extensive, rapid change aligned with globally emerging trends of innovative urban development coincide with local people and

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