Selected examples of how CITIES communicates its ideas and projects

Border Session with creative pioneers on the development of the road-map towards a New Economy.
72U brought together WASTED and De Ceuvel to discuss the question: How can we make sustainable living more accessible and relevant for all?
Emerging city makers are weaving their webs throughout cities, the EU Commission’s Lab brings them together to begin shaping solutions.
Het Hof van Cartesius bridges entrepreneurs with large companies. October 8th, we joined a sneak peek event showing the potential of their outdoor workspace in Utrecht.
WASTED teamed with Plastic Soup Foundation and Amsterdam Schoon (clean) to help keep the streets clean during and after the massive 2016 Europride Canal Parade. Our WASTED Soldiers were on the frontlines of the endeavor, promoting recycling and our Reward System.
NRK Recycling organized the Plastics Gone Circular Congress to bring together actors from citizens to members of parliament in a push to close the plastic loop, making plastic the standard in sustainable raw materials.
We organized the Plastic Era Expo to advancing more sustainable behavior and conscious consumption, driven by exposure to the possibilities hidden in the mysterious world of plastic recycling.
WASTED teamed with the Municipality of Amsterdam to organize a community cleanup day in Amsterdam North.
WASTED's Barbara Koole Exchanges Knowledge in Fabrication City Barcelona at Fabrica del Sol and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
On 17 February 2016, we welcomed the students of the Gymnasium Haganum in The Hague and their French exchange students to have a three-part WASTED workshop at the Gele Pomp, located in Amsterdam Noord’s Noorderpark. During the morning workshop, we helped make students aware of our collective plastic addiction; taught them how to recognize different types of plastic during a Plastic Archeology lesson; and showed them how to reprocess locally recycled plastic waste.
On the 26th of January 2016, we organized an evening around practices, innovations and possibilities shaping our future relationship with plastic waste.
The WASTED Plastic Night showcased innovative plastic initiatives, bringing people together alongside music, films, food and drinks to spread awareness around circular waste management.



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