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Researcher plastic conscious lifestyle

WASTED is a project of CITIES FOUNDATION ( ), an independent urban research organization evolved  into catalyst and incubator of sustainable solutions. Since 2015, WASTED  ( )invented and experimented on


Organic waste is a valuable resource which consists of 26% of our household waste. Biogas can be detracted from the waste and, as most of us know, it can be

The next WASTED

WASTED looks towards the future and takes on new challenges

  This 2018, WASTED successfully introduced the bulky waste into their system, promoting second life to items through reusing, repairing and recycling. Relying on innovation, an online reward option was activated

WASTED digital coins redeemable online

New option for WASTED system: "The use of WASTED digital coins for webshop redeem"

  Recently, WASTED members have the opportunity to spend coins in online shopping. We arrive to the digital era from the analog reward system making easier and quicker to manage


A report on the plastic archeology workshop held for a group of design students from Shanghai

On the 29th of April, Elisha who is WASTED’s education and community development officer hosted a Plastic Archeology Crash Course for a group of design students from Shanghai. The students


We have developed this poster in order to assist participants in managing repairing, reusing and recycling their bulky waste throughout the WASTED system.

There is huge potential for bulky waste to provide ongoing value to our community. This can either be through moving the item to a new home where it can be

Report: Research preparation for WASTED’s Bulky Waste pilot

WASTED has been conducting research and consulting with key stakeholders such as the Noord community, municipality, and thrift shops to develop a effective and equitable bulky waste management strategy

  As you probably already know, WASTED has been working on solutions to improve the management of bulky waste in Amsterdam. This is part of the City of Amsterdam’s wider

Interview: Floor from the municipality

Floor is WASTED's contact point within the municipality. Earlier this month we interviewed Floor in order to learn a bit about how she views WASTED and our role within the Noord community as waste managers.

When did you first become aware of the WASTED? Last spring my colleague Stef Le Fevre asked me if I wanted to supervise the implementation of the WASTED project from


Read about the exciting range of work, intern and other opportunities we have opening up!

There are many exciting opportunities opening up to join our team! The weather is starting to warm up and so are we. The expansion of FOODLOGICA and WASTED’s ongoing work with

REPORT: WASTED User Journey Workshop

WASTED recently ran a user journey workshop to gauge participants experience with the WASTED system.

REPORT: WASTED User Journey Workshop   On Monday the 26th of February this year WASTED hosted a user journey workshop. The purpose was to gauge community perspectives and experiences in

The Circular City – Flying over Amsterdam’s Metabolism

WASTED is an initiative rooted in Amsterdam, which introduces a sustainable solution to a growing, global concern: the destructive impact of waste on our economies, environment, and society. Zooming out from the global urban metabolism debate, WASTED can be seen as a link within an upcoming circular city system.

  March 2018, Oukje van Merle Circularity is gaining traction. When walking down the street, it won’t surprise you to see advertising messages emblazoned with circularity inspired slogans and mantras.

Ashir: FOODLOGICA Driver Extraordinaire

Meet Ashir, one of our best and brightest driver at FOODLOGICA!

Meet Ashir. Ashir is one of the main riders at FOODLOGICA. So Ashir, how did your FOODLOGICA journey begin? Well, I started delivering for FOODLOGICA around 7 months ago. I

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