Let’s start organic waste separation in Amsterdam!

By placing neighbourhood compost boxes we are stimulating organic waste separation

Organic waste is a valuable resource which consists of 26% of our household waste. Biogas can be detracted from the waste and, as most of us know, it can be turned into feasible compost which can be used to grow plants.

The municipality of Amsterdam still doesn’t collect organic waste. People of Amsterdam throw their organic waste together with the residual waste and, eventually, it will be incinerated. What a waste… We want to change this wasteful situation. That’s why we will launch a new campaign to make the separation of organic waste possible!



What are we going to do?

In 2019, we want to implement as many organic waste boxes in Amsterdam Noord as possible. In a compost box, kitchen waste is digested by worms to turn it into valuable compost. In this way, people in Noord will be able to separate their kitchen waste and obtain compost to use themselves. The compost box is designed and produced by an Amsterdam Noord- based company called Balkonton. By placing neighbourhood compost boxes we stimulate organic waste separation, green spaces and connect people.

How do we do this?

WASTED- Neighbours can collectively save up for a neighbourhood compost box. On the website of WASTED, there is a separate tab for collective rewards. There, WASTED- Neighbours can start a campaign and donate coins to a cause. Doing this, one neighbour can start a campaign and any WASTED- Neighbour can donate coins to support that collective goal. To earn the compost box, a neighbourhood needs to save up WASTED coins collectively. Reach 500 WASTED-coins and get a compost box for your community!

This collective reward consists of:

  • The neighbourhood waste box   
  • An instruction workshop on how to use the box 
  • Buckets to separate their kitchen waste at home 


The project will run for 4 months starting in January 2019. At the end of the project, we want to achieve, at least, 5 neighbourhood boxes.

To finance the project, we are looking for funding from both, sponsors and from our network of supporters. To make this possible we need your help! See LINK

Created on 07 December 2018

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