WASTED digital coins redeemable online

New option for WASTED system: "The use of WASTED digital coins for webshop redeem"


Recently, WASTED members have the opportunity to spend coins in online shopping. We arrive to the digital era from the analog reward system making easier and quicker to manage our own waste and be part of the Wasted Community, therefore, moving forwards to a bigger network of rewards. More sustainable brands (not just located in  Amsterdam Noord ) joined us, and we provide a digital redeemable system to use your discounts in their webshops.

To know how to use it, keep on reading and check the video.

Enter  WASTED website. After log in and have obtained your digital coins recycling, you can spend your coins. Choose your reward and pay attention to the type of reward you pick. The new online rewards are found with the    icon. Choose the online reward, click on it, and continue with “Redeem this reward now”. You have to confirm this step to receive your discount code in your email account and in your personal profile from WASTED website.  You can either use the code directly from the WASTED site or through the reward webshop. From your profile, you will see the code on screen and the option “Use now”. This will bring you to the webshop and you can start shopping. Once you have chosen for the  products you like to buy, the shopping card will be ready to be paid. In the next step, you will confirm you like to pay and the option of entering a coupon number will appear. Introduce your code and you will see it applied in your total amount to pay.

Your code is only for one use, for new codes you will have to recycle more and earn more coins!

Created on 22 October 2018

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