Patrick’s experience with FOODLOGICA

As FOODLOGICA continues to grow, we took the opportunity to speak with Operations Assistant Patrick O'Callaghan to find out more about how it is to work for this company.

As FOODLOGICA continues to grow, we took the opportunity to speak with Operations Assistant Patrick O’Callaghan to find out more about how it is to work for this company.

Hello Patrick where do you come from originally?

 I am from the United Kingdom. I was born and grew up in Surrey, on the outskirts of London and I currently live in Oxford.


And what have you been doing at FOODLOGICA today?

I am managing daily operations, which entails liaising with clients and drivers to ensure that deliveries are scheduled and proceeding smoothly.


What did you do before starting with FOODLOGICA?

I am currently studying for a MSc in Sustainability and Adaptation Planning at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT). While CAT is in Wales, the flexible mode of course delivery means that I am lucky enough to be able to study from anywhere in the world. Other than Oxford, where I currently live permanently, this most recently entailed spending a month in Cyrus to complete a ECVET vocational course in practical grassroots approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation.


What made you decide you wanted to work at FOODLOGICA?

I visited Rotterdam and Amsterdam last autumn as a tourist. As a keen cyclist used to dicing with death on unlit country lanes and four-lane double roundabouts in the UK, riding around cities where bikes aren’t regarded as an annoying obstacle but as the norm was so pleasurable that I was swayed to start looking for opportunities to return to the Netherlands as soon as I arrived home. FOODLOGICA was clearly a natural fit in both this regard and as a complement to my master’s.


Describe a stand out memory from your experience at FOODLOGICA. 

This isn’t a specific stand out memory but I always enjoy the challenge of comprehensively rearranging the delivery schedule to, say, accommodate a last-minute delivery or driver illness. This might be aided by the fact that its colour-coded blocky layout makes it feel like a giant game of Tetris!


What has been the most important lesson you’ve learned while working at FOODLOGICA?

Whilst this isn’t a new lesson, working at FOODLOGICA has underlined the utmost importance of communication methods being accessible and user-friendly.

Where do you see FOODLOGICA 5yrs from now?

With experiments in more sustainable approaches to food production – at both large scales and through grassroots initiatives – becoming ever more common, logistics has struggled to keep pace and sustainable delivery methods remain comparably under explored.

This can be coupled with the fact that the impacts of vehicular air pollution are racing up the agenda, yet many city and national governments – with some notable exceptions – are currently proposing weak solutions to be enacted in the distant future. Resultantly, FOODLOGICA has the potential to expand exponentially into new cities and countries over the next few years. My home city, Oxford, is currently investigating the introduction of a zero emission zone, so I look forward to potentially seeing FOODLOGICA bikes cycling past me in five years’ time!

I would also like to see Foodlogica and other organisations that utilise digital platforms exploring innovative business models and ownership structures, such as cooperatives.


Sum up your experience AT FOODLOGICA in 3 words

Impactful, challenging, and fast-paced.


What would your advice be to a prospective FOODLOGICA team member?

Be prepared to rapidly think on your feet and multitask when confronted with problems. Whilst this can be intense at times, you should swiftly acquire the tools to successfully mitigate and prevent against issues occurring in the future.

As a germinative startup, there will be opportunities for you to oversee the introduction of new practices and structures. So, if you have ideas you should definitely share them, since you might end up being given responsibility for something pivotal to the development and growth of the organisation.

Inspired by Patrick’s story working with FOODLOGICA? Check out the new vacancy to join the company as Operating Manager here.


Created on 21 February 2018

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