Community Collaboration

At WASTED we have organised a particpant consultation event to identify where and how to best improve our product and process.

WASTED has been operating in Amsterdam Noord since 2008 and has continued to grow and evolve with the community. Co-operating with the community in Noord continues to be integral to the fine tuning, and growing sophistication of our processes and products. More recently, we have identified that there is significant variation between subscribers as to how often they redeem WASTED coins and capitalise on benefits of the system. This ranges from residents who have signed up but never use WASTED to those who are utilizing the service on a weekly basis.


Therefore, we are interested in why this is and what can be improved to increase redemption of WASTED coins. True to our identity, we have decided that the best course of action is to open conversation with our subscribers. We have invited participants falling under two categories; those registered but never utilized WASTED and those who have taken full advantage of WASTED – to join us at the Chateau at Gedempt Hamerkanaal 139 for a chat over some food and drinks. The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Many participants at both ends of the spectrum have already registered their interest in attending the event on Monday the 26th of February. In addition, we received over 300+ replies from subscribers providing written feedback.


All of the community feedback will contribute to the ongoing improvement of the WASTED initiative. Furthermore, the willingness of our subscribers to help us improve our system is an indication of the good will and shared vision WASTED has established with its members. We are proud to work with this community; it is with their input that will help shape the WASTED initiative of tomorrow.


The feedback event will take place Monday 26th February. If you are interested in participating and sharing your thoughts about WASTED, please register by sending an email to and specifying what kind of WASTED subscriber you are.


Created on 26 February 2018
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