Bulky Waste

The WASTED team has set its sights on bulk waste in collaboration with the Start Up in Residence (SIRA) program of the Municipality of Amsterdam.

The WASTED team has set its sights on bulk waste in collaboration with the Start Up in Residence (SIRA) program of the Municipality of Amsterdam. The Municipality of Amsterdam has the goal of separating 65% of the cities household waste by 2020. This goal is achievable. Anyone who has lived in Amsterdam has ridden over sodden cardboard boxes flattened on bike paths or tiptoed past old cupboards and toasters to put our rubbish in the bin. At this point in time, Amsterdam is a long way from mastering the issue of bulk waste. However, taking a positive perspective, there is huge potential in repairing and reusing used items. A little bit of love is all that some items need to be given a second life. Currently in Amsterdam only 0.14% of  bulky waste is reused via the recycling shops. Obviously not all bulky waste is in a condition to be reused in this way, but we see huge potential to improve in this area.


Project Manager Sietse spending time with team members from the Municipality of Amsterdam – collaborating together to solve the bulky waste problem.

According to AIMPLUS: plastic technology centre “60% of the 19 million tonnes of furniture, mattresses, upholstery, textiles and plastic garden products, among others, are thrown away each year in the European countries end in landfills”. Repairing and reusing used items are values closely aligned with CITIES sustainable vision on multiple levels:

  • Used items do not  have a production carbon footprint the way new items do

  • They are usually more affordable for people and families on a restricted budget

  • Reusing items means less plastic being produced and trees being cut down

  • And countless other social, cultural and environmental knock-on benefits


WASTED is turning its attention to Amsterdam’s bulk waste problem. WASTED’s pilot project will link bulk waste with the current reward system. Our aim is to encourage local residents to bring their bulky waste through the WASTED compensation system to  various recycling locations (waste point, thrift shop, repair shop or community centre). How are we going to do this you ask? WASTED will undertake three phases of development; preparation, pilot and evaluation. The bulky waste program is currently in the preparation phase and design phase. During this preparation phase the payment system and bulky waste chain are being scrutinised and a pilot strategy will be drawn up for system improvements. The preparation phase will produce the following documents for the Municipality of Amsterdam:

(1) implementation plan for pilot bulky waste and four SWOT analysis of:

(1) the coarse dirt system,

(2) the digital system,

(3) user experience and

(4) connected entrepreneurs.


We are really excited about this new bulk waste era of WASTED and we will be sharing more updates as the project evolves.

Created on 26 February 2018
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