FOODLOGICA is an enterprise built on the mission to clean the last mile of Amsterdam’s food system. Ethical, social and environmental values are the main driving forces behind the development of this company. As a modular, scalable, zero-emissions logistic service, we provide last-mile transport solutions for food related businesses. Transporting local goods and produce to local businesses in the city centre, FOODLOGICA’s electric vehicles are twice as fast as traditional vans, less expensive and more efficient both financially and environmentally. Currently active in the city of Amsterdam, FOODLOGICA is innovating in the field of last-mile food transportation— delivering for web shops, local food producers, wholesale companies, restaurants, caterers, local food chains and supermarkets.

Amsterdam Noord

Duration of position


Basic requirements
5+ years experience in recruiting, training and managing a team, line management, and especially sales and marketing.

How to apply
Send a brief motivation and CV to

Application deadline
The company is undergoing a scaling up process in the city of Amsterdam and in 4 more cities in the coming 5 years, where we expect to grow and consolidate our impact. The managing team is currently composed by the two founders, Francesca (CEO) and Jessica (CFO), both Italian women making the difference in the B2B last mile food delivery sector.

We are currently looking for an OPERATING MANAGER for 4 days a week. This professional figure should marry together the sustainable and social mission of the company, young and bold style and attitude.

In addition, we are looking for a team member who aspires to join the managing team as a shareholder in the coming year, with experience in scaling up impact and socially oriented business, engaged in changing the system rather than score the next lean and mean start up story. First and foremost, this professional figure should have deep knowledge about the local context and very well connected in the local sustainable food network.

The position is open from March 1st.

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