The road to the New Economy won’t be strategized

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Border Session with creative pioneers on the development of the road-map towards a New Economy.

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June 2017

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Theater aan het Spui & Filmhuis The Hague
The limits of the linear model of resource consumption, which follows the 'take-make-dispose' pattern contribute not only to environmental concerns. This also creates imbalances that weigh on the traditional economic growth. While being coupled with the increasing population numbers and expanding middle class that demands a higher quality of life and energy, the conventional economic models must be collectively re-designed to fit current volatile socioeconomic ecosystem.

However, the quest to the next economy is challenging; the road-map meets more questions than solutions. It breaks with everything our economy clings to – job security, economies of scale, linear value chains and other temporary truths. That said, the road towards this calls for taking risks, multidisciplinary approaches, new degrees of freedom and radical choices on a regular basis. This strikes with many uncertainties. Therefore, the creative local protagonists that purposely act for a societal and environmental benefit are at the core of this.

Of course, the next economy needs a new infrastructure and should build on existing networks. We also need to start experimenting with a very specific skill set, though, in a context that is not restricted by established interests. Makers, hackers, designers and disruptive entrepreneurs should take a lead in this one. Once regarded as a touching niche, they have become indispensable experts.

To address potential strategies while reflecting on positive examples of the new (circular) economy practices the Border Sessions gathered prominent researchers, city makers and young innovators at a 3 days conference in The Hague. That said, Fred van Beuningen the Director at Clean Tech Delta, which collaborates with its partners: companies, universities, and government to promote innovation in cleantech, was joined by Francesca Miazzo (CITIES managing director) and the industrial designer Dave Hakkens at the panel debate on sustainable ideas within the urban transformation frame to tackle the challenge of speeding up the process by experimenting, scaling and learning fast.

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