WASTED at ‘Open Hof’ in Utrecht

Open Hof was hosted by Het Hof van Cartesius. This new and green outdoor workspace in Utrecht rose to fuel organic co-creation among businesses and entrepreneurs. Organizers refer the area as a testing ground for the circular economy and flexible planning, wanting to build a bridge between small innovative entrepreneurs and large companies. It’s just as much about setting the right atmosphere and generating a collective mentality for newfound growth. The temporary nature of urbanism is in the spotlight, experimenting in order to cross-pollinate the transformational birth of a creative industrial workspace.

On a beautiful October 8th, the Open Hof event held a sneak peek preview of the outdoor space, showing its potential to some 125 diverse visitors with intent on meeting future tenants. Local residents from young to old were joined by all sorts of creatives, entrepreneurs, government officials, artists, expats and natives.

We most enjoyed having a WASTED stand onsite, conversing and rubbing shoulders with such a standout crowd of people driven, or interested in driving, a better, more circular future. It was and always is a true inspiration and gasp of fresh air to align, connect and work among those with a clear vision and action plan for collectively building a better future.

For more photos and updates on Het Hof van Cartesius, please visit their Facebook page.



Het Hof van Cartesius bridges entrepreneurs with large companies. October 8th, we joined a sneak peek event showing the potential of their outdoor workspace in Utrecht.

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