Living room panel on inclusive sustainability at 72U Amsterdam

When 72U first talked to us about this event, our mutual reactions were: “Wow!” Why? Well, first, a little background:

Creativity is categorically diverse: imaginative ideas are sparked and applied with a great deal of variety, in a great deal of areas. While many work in singular areas – a painter paints, while a writer writes and a chef concocts – today’s world calls for creatives to dabble more freely in different areas. In fact, to really spark change in city living, it rather demands it. 72U Amsterdam is a residency living within 72andSunny, designed for such makers and creative hybrids to grow and apply their talents to better achieve (positive) impact. Exploring the intersection of art, technology and culture, 72U’s intensive three-month experience revolves around a packed program. In this Amsterdam edition, the focus was urban inclusivity.

CITIES’ WASTED team was invited to lead a ‘living room panel discussion’ at 72U’s beautiful space. The evening centered around a question hot on the tongues of Amsterdam’s 72U team and local innovation playground De Ceuvel:

How do we make sustainable living accessible and relevant for everybody, rather than something only the privileged buy into?

This is where the “Wow” came in – because the question is directly relevant to our now-underway publication: Beyond the Wasted City: Socio-Spatial Transitions for Circular City Making. Take a look.

The evening was animated with driving questions about how WASTED not only works with, connects to and activates local community, but also how we work to extend beyond a niche crowd to involve more and more powerful local actors in smart local waste management, as well as people who generally would not think or care to recycle. We discussed this alongside members of De Ceuvel, who also have a very strong initiative underway, yet struggle to tap the mainstream. 72U’s participants asked astute questions and responded positively to the experience, before we opened drinks, crunched snacks and lofted slices of local pizza between our choppers.


72U brought together WASTED and De Ceuvel to discuss the question: How can we make sustainable living more accessible and relevant for all?

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72U: Westerstraat, Amsterdam

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