WASTED Plastic Night: Celebrating Plastic Possibilities

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The WASTED Plastic Night showcased innovative plastic initiatives, bringing people together alongside music, films, food and drinks to spread awareness around circular waste management.

Type of activity
Date of the activity
July 2015

Location of the activity
De Tanker in Noord
WASTED reached the peak of its pilot phase in June 2015, with the Laboratory hosting workshops to upcycle local plastic waste into building blocks by and for the community. In celebration, CITIES was happy to host the first night completely dedicated to plastic in Amsterdam: The WASTED Plastic Night.

The Plastic Night brought to life new possibilities for plastic waste. What do we mean by new possibilities? Well, plastic is widely known for its negative impact on our lives and the earth, but in fact presents a resource that poses opportunity for diverse applications in a more circular economy. The Plastic Night brought together a select group of initiatives to showcase current innovations in plastic and waste. For example, you could sit on one of DUS Architects’ 3D printed chairs, take home a 3D printed ring made in front of your own eyes using recycled plastic by Better Future Factory’s Perpetual Plastic Project, learn to knit with plastic bags from Thisisarobot and fish plastic from the canal with Plastic Whale – in a boat made from plastic waste fished from the canal.

Throughout the evening, all were welcome to explore these workshop activities before the crowd gathered to hear Barbara Koole present the Plastic Night and WASTED project. Following Barbara, we heard presentations by WASTED’s partners Overtreders W and Bureau SLA. Following, Metabolic gave an intriguing presentation on circular economic innovations. To close the evening, people enjoyed animated shorts by Klik! Amsterdam Animation on beanbags in an open-air cinema set up by Outdoor Cinema.


Drawing plastic professionals and interested individuals from around the world down to the local neighborhood, we are grateful to all who attended the Plastic Night. Together, the event proved a successful platform for raising awareness around plastic challenges, alternative practices and initiating newfound partnerships and solutions. In addition, we hope that WASTED’s practices and philosophy on more sustainable, circular economies and waste management models help inspire more progressive urban practices.

In addition to highlighted projects and films, as an event the Plastic Night promoted sustainable practices. For example, the night was plastic free – meaning we did not produce any plastic waste within the festival. We also made an effort to use sustainable energy, powering the food truck using Metabolic’s solar trailer.


Organized by CITIES Foundation, the WASTED Plastic Night was made possible by the generous support of Stichting DOEN, ASN Bank, Gemeente Amsterdam and AFK, as well as contributing partners Klik! Amsterdam Animation, Noorderpark Trust and Outdoor Cinema.


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