Get WASTED. Give plastic. Get rewards. WASTED teams with local businesses and cultural organizations to generate plastic-valued rewards for WASTED Neighbors.

Phase 3! Soon, WASTED will be in full functional form – with our Laboratory built, plastic being collected, WASTED Blocks being made, the School Package educating and Reward System rewarding!

Did you miss Phase 1 or Phase 2? Read about Phase 1 the Design Club here and Phase 2 the School Package here. In addition, be sure to check out the Design Club’s Open Source Report – we could use your feedback!


Plastic is everywhere, infiltrating your daily life from this side and that. It’s in your packaging, your comb, your toothpaste; it’s in the paint on the walls; it’s everywhere! Sure, you might want to recycle it, but sometimes you need a little extra incentive. With the WASTED Reward System, we’ve got you covered. Providing rewards, the System’s central goal is to not only boost levels of local recycling, but also to fuel the direct and indirect social, material, economic and environmental benefits spurred by the WASTED Laboratory.

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How does it work? First, community members have to sign-up to be a WASTED Neighbor. They can do this online at www.wastedlab.nl, or on Saturdays at the local Van der Pek Market. Once signed up, they receive a WASTED Start-up Kit, equipped with 10 WASTED trash bags, a colorful and informative poster, and Tips for separating plastic. Additionally, they receive 10 WASTED QR Code stickers that link to their personal WASTED account. Being sure to place a QR sticker on each full bag of plastic, we scan each bag when it arrives at the Laboratory in order to track each Neighbor’s points.

Each bag is one point. When a Neighbor accumulates 5 points, we mail 5 plastic WASTED Coins straight to their home address.

The Reward System is a community-focused, plastic-valued exchange between Neighbors and Friends. Who are Friends? WASTED Friends are local businesses and cultural organizations that have chosen to give back to their community by not only contributing plastic to the Laboratory, but also offering deals and discounts in exchange for WASTED Coins. Making everything easier, Neighbors are able to track their points, read about and find Friends, and see all currently available rewards online at www.wastedlab.nl.


To get rewards, Neighbors have to get their full plastic bags to the Laboratory (with QR stickers stuck!). There are a few ways to do this. We’re happiest if they bring their bags to the Laboratory themselves, which they can do any weekday in Noord, near Clusius College. They can also bring bags to us at the local Van der Pek Market every Saturday. And if they can’t bring plastic themselves, we’ll pick up their bags at their doorstep with our WASTED cargo bike – every Monday after 18:00.

Build things for the community! How? We turn it into WASTED Blocks during open WASTED Workshops at the Laboratory – similar to the workshops hosted in part three of the WASTED School Package, then co-build with them. More to come on the WASTED Laboratory in Phase 4!
Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook for updates on WASTED’s progression!

And check out our soon-to-launch NEW WEBSITE! –> www.wastedlab.nl

Text: Mehdi Comeau

Created on 01 April 2015

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