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Global Population Speak Out! Raising Awareness and Demanding Change!

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A platform bringing together people and organizations to boost awareness and alleviate rising planetary issues tied to global population growth.

Population growth isn’t slowing down. More people means more demand on the world we live: wildlife is eating plastic; waste trashes the planet; climate threatens; slums densify and poor living conditions intensify. These are just examples of the many challenges calling for greater awareness and active social change. As challenge brings opportunity, initiatives worldwide are endeavoring to create a better, more sustainable tomorrow for people and planet.

Global Population Speak Out (Speak Out for short) harnesses the power of people to address some of the most pressing challenges around the world. Through their campaign, Speak Out strives to provide people and organizations with means to make voices louder – raising awareness and demanding change. While sending critical messages spreading environmental and social change messages, they emphasize “sensible, progressive and compassionate means” people have to better human and natural ecosystems.

Speak Out is made possible through a collaboration between Population Institute, Population Media Center, and Foundation for Deep Ecology.


Speak Out empowers people to drive change. One of their 2015 highlights is a beautiful publication showcasing ecological and social issues surrounding population growth, over production and over consumption. The book, Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot (OVER), is available for free to those who wish to spread the word and help make a difference.

For an impactful, graphical presentation of issues Speak Out addresses, check out their postcards. You can share any of these with anyone you’d like, in an effort to bring awareness.


Resonating with Speak Out’s focus, CITIES has actively sought to implement local and global research in order to stimulate and implement local initiatives that better people and planet. For instance, our platform Farming the City (http://farmingthecity.net) explores food as a tool for more sustainable urban development. Research in this area led to the launch of CITIES’ first commercial business: FOODLOGICA (http://foodlogica.com), a clean logistics company powered by solar e-trikes that partners with local food producers. Aside from food, seeking to help bridge the divide between more traditional and contemporary citizen-driven, dynamic development processes, last year, in 2014, we published We Own The City: Enabling Community Practice in Architecture and Urban Planning. More recently, building on these areas and applying a circular working approach, in 2015 CITIES launched an initiative in Amsterdam Noord that addresses global plastic waste issues at the neighborhood level in our WASTED project (http://wastedlab.nl).

Text: Mehdi Comeau


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