What Are People Saying? We Own The City Reviews

The publication We Own The City launched late May 2014. Here you can read reviews of the book. This page will be updated as reviews continue to come in.

We Own the City emerged in 2011, portraying results of research investigating bottom-up initiatives and their relationships with urban development history in Amsterdam, produced in collaboration with ARCAM, the Amsterdam Center of Architecture. With traction and momentum, We Own The City forged ahead, with a publication launched May 2014 (see overview of launch here) that provides foundational insight into new urban processes.

The book presents pragmatic novelty by studying ‘bottom-up’ urbanism in order to shine new light on the role and potential of traditional ‘top-down’ actors. Featuring in-depth analyses from Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Moscow, New York City and Taipei, it is evident that every city is utilizing new measures to ‘own’ their city. The time has come to establish standards for new urban processes that integrate these urban trends and their diverse potential.

In the words of co-chief editor Francesca Miazzo, the heart of We Own the City pulses around this notion:

“We Own The City regards organizations and governments as actors with the power and authority to help bottom-up actors become more established. We believe, and found, that by looking for patterns, similarities and differences, it is possible to recognize valuable moments where urban development reaches the point of encounter between citizens and institutions. We Own The City seeks to bring these isolated attempts together in order to create flexible and adaptable institutionalized standards. With this approach, urban pioneers are fastened with traditional actors, creating a generational shift in the urban planning discipline. We Own The City discovers and highlights this relocation of the urban focus and shows how it is deployed in practical terms.”

As CITIES continues working with communities, practitioners and professionals to bridge communication and catalyze new collaborations, the We Own The City discourse continues to spread.


Below we present reviews of We Own The City. This list will continue to be updated as new reviews come in, so check back!

1. Platform31

Platform31 screenshot

Read in Dutch here and Google translated in English here.

2. Urban Springtime

Urban Springtime ScreenShot

Read here.

3. Pakhuis de Zwijger Magazine: Stad in Transitie: Nieuw Amsterdam #03

Article in print only:

nieuwamsterdam mag

Nieuwamsterdam we own article

4. DAMn: A Magazine on Contemporary Culture, Issue 45

Article in print only:

DAMn cov

DAMn weown first page

DAMn we own second page

5. Rooilijn, Themanummer Theorievorming in de Nederlandse planologie, Jg. 48/Nr. 1/2015

Article in print only

we own rooilijn cover

we own rooilijn article


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