Exploring historic food trails, tastes and traditions that past with present in Amsterdam's historic center.


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In the Golden Age food was at the heart of social, economic and political life in Amsterdam. Food was everywhere. Oxen walked the streets on their way to the cattle market on Spui. On Dam square, a large fish market took place daily and grains were traded at the Corn Exchange on Damrak. The history of Amsterdam, which developed from a small village along the river Amstel to becoming an international city during the Golden Age, is literally shaped by food.

Today, except from street names or plaques, the ancient food history of the city has almost completely disappeared. However, if we look at the morphology of Amsterdam’s streets, canals, alleys, squares and buildings, it is possible to trace back the signs of the old Amsterdam food past. Food supply, storage, transportation and consumption have always had an incredible cultural and social value, which is worth celebrating.

Since spring 2013, CITIES Foundation, in the framework of the project FARMING THE CITY, organizes the Old Amsterdam Food Tour. Walking through the old city center, we bring history back to life with stories, tasting experiences, tailored workshops, or just food talks. Starting April 2014, an all-new Old Amsterdam Food Tour map will be circulating the city. We present a full-page map highlighting 10 local entrepreneurs partnering with the tour and bits of historical information in both Dutch and English (map featured below). Along with the map, there is a bounty of information linking past to present and tantalizing your taste buds. We are excited to take the Old Food Tour to a new level – more below!

This article's feature image of the map is just a taste of what you can expect from this year’s Old Amsterdam Food tour: Book a tour to explore more!

Write to FOODTOUR@FARMINGTHECITY.NET to book your Old Amsterdam Food Tour to discover Amsterdam from a new perspective. From 2 to 20 people, we are able to accommodate anyone’s needs including workshops, lectures and food activities. The tour can be tailored for children, couples, adults, foodies, co-workers, tourists and just curious urban explorers.

CITIES Foundation is an independent urban research platform, which drives innovation in city life, policy and practice

FARMING THE CITY is an ongoing project exploring the relationship between the localization of the food cycle and urban development

Supported by Stadsdeel Amsterdam Centrum and the network of local entrepreneurs featured on the map.

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