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NEWASTE: Innovators Who Don’t Re-Cycle, They PRE-Cycle

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Newaste overcomes energy expenditure and material degradation caught up in re-cycling processes by putting potentially wasted materials to good, sustained use. They call it PRE-cycling. Click to learn more here.

Is recycling all it is built up to be? Newaste thinks not. Maybe they are right.

Newaste recognizes that industrial recycling requires waste to be collected, transported and processed, which degrades the material and consumes massive amounts of energy.

As part of their pre-cycling philosophy, Newaste believes many wasted materials are simply not ready to be wasted – that they can still serve quality, sustained value if properly pre-cycled. And that’s what Newaste does. They appreciate material that is still good for what it is, without recycling, and provide value to waste others deem worthless.

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Newaste reevaluates waste to reach what they call a win-win-win situation – where the manufacturer, consumer and environment benefit.

For more, watch Newaste’s fun, short video at this link: http://player.vimeo.com/video/72588138

The man behind Newaste:

Founder of Newwaste, Bastiaan Tolhuijs, received an MSc in the Department of Industrial Design at TU Delft, while also spending half a year studying design at the French school Les Ateliers, conducting market research in Argentina for a Dutch company, and dabbling in social entrepreneurship by introducing a new product that reduces sanitation problems in a Kenyan slum. Inspiration for Newaste derived from travelling after his studies in Asia, Africa, South and Central America.


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