CITIES to Pitch WASTED Laboratory at Pakhuis de Zwijger

Tuesday, March 18th, CITIES will join local innovators in everyday waste at Pakhuis de Zwijger’s 7th Circular Cities event to explore ideas in how waste can, and is, offering individuals, neighborhoods and businesses new opportunities.

While we are enthusiastic about our WASTED research, we not the only ones exploring the vast potential re-use of waste, especially in urban areas. More and more, ideas surrounding circular economies are focusing on the potential of waste and cities around the world. With this in mind, questions arise: Is waste to be wasted? Or can waste be food, new products and more? How valuable is waste? And what can we do with it?

Amsterdam will explore these questions at Pakhuis de Zwijger’s 7th Circular City event Tuesday March 18th, putting the spotlight on everyday waste. From 20h00 to 22h00, Susan Heering will moderate the proceedings, as discussion is integrated with presentations by local speakers who are driving innovative explorations into waste (listed below). Among these local innovators, CITIES will be on the scene to pitch the WASTED Laboratory.

Building off our WASTED research, aiming to link waste to circular economies and neighborhood social and material prosperity through multi-level collaborative, innovation-based strategies (more here), we are in the process of developing the WASTED Laboratory, which will upcycle plastic waste at the neighborhood level, putting into action waste’s local potential for prosperous re-use of plastic. As we develop this Laboratory, sharing our ideas and progress at this event is also an effort to pitch the idea; we have a plan and potentially a place to follow through, but are still looking for options, opportunities and partners to work with on this project. Please feel free to contact CITIES if you are interested.

The program will consist of two parts. The first part aims to transfer knowledge about waste in Amsterdam, providing facts, figures and myth-busting insight followed by questions and discussion. The second part explores issues relevant to WASTED, focusing on waste in the neighborhood and linking local needs with the possibility of further creating opportunities for citizens to play an active role in contributing to the city through innovative waste initiatives. In this second part, cases will be presented to open new ways of thinking about local waste chains, and conclude with an extended discussion between a panel and the audience.

The event is FREE, but you must reserve your place by visiting this site and clicking the red ‘reserveren’ button on the top left. It will run from 20h00 – 22h00. If you happen to be hungry, there is also a restaurant on the ground floor where you can get a bite to eat or beer if you go early.

Reserve your place – we hope to see you there!

Featured speakers:
Frits Steenhuisen (CREM bv), Marieke van Nood (Afval Energie Bedrijf), Cor Gerritsen (ICOVA), Jan Jongert (Superuse), Annemarie van den Berg (Pink Pony Express), Rolf Steenwinkel (Amsterdam Energie), Thomas Adelaar (iKringloop), Francesca Miazzo (CITIES) & Diane Krabbendam (The Beach).

Created on 17 March 2014

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