Book Review: Companion to Urban Regeneration

After reading We Own The City, fuel your ideas for new urban processes further with this book on urban regeneration.
by Mehdi Comeau

Routledge urban regen companion

We Own The City is about revitalizing cities through innovative approaches that integrate diverse actors in the processes of city-making and tackle traditions to forge new urban practices. CITIES put their own research in the pages of We Own The City, the publication. Then they asked urban explorers from around the world to contribute local stories to a global discussion on urban processes that contributes to urban regeneration.

On that note, I would like to discuss a book recently recommended to me: The Routledge Companion to Urban Regeneration, edited by Michael E. Leary and John McCarthy. Paralleling CITIES aims to bring together critical stories from cities around the world, this book packs in-depth analyses of urban regeneration processes from 70 international experts into six accessible sections examining topic areas from emerging reconceptualizations of regeneration and community centered regeneration to neo-liberal perspectives and culture-led regeneration.

With ambitious goals, Leary and McCarthy deliver.

We Own The City’s research and future goals appear to resonate with the book’s aims:

1. Explore urban regeneration “in differing national contexts, asking questions and providing informed discussion and analyses to illuminate how an apparently disparate field of research, policy and practice can be rendered more coherent, by drawing out common themes and significant differences.”

2. “Provide an internationally oriented, cutting-edge critical review and synthesis of recent conceptual, policy and practical developments” by “drawing together a diversity of approaches and insights.”

3. “Facilitate international dialogue…for the exchange of regeneration strategies, policies and practices in different national and continental contexts with a view to highlighting future prospects, directions, challenges and possibilities.”

Urban regeneration is happening in cities from global economic hubs to small settlements, and it is happening in different ways. This book sheds light on an impressive scope of considerations. For more, check it out on Routledge’s site, here.

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