Old Amsterdam Food Market APRIL 12TH

April 12th in the city centre, taste, prepare, learn and share while re-discovering your relationship with local food traditions at the Old Amsterdam Food Market, where workshops featuring local entrepreneurs will treat you and teach you, from a time when food was the very core of the city public life.

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In 2013, locals and visitors alike have been enjoying the knowledge and tastes we shared in the Old Amsterdam Food Tour. Thanks to the support of Stadsdeel Centrum (the central district of Amsterdam), we are excited to enter a new dimension of this tour (more soon). To kick off these developments, we want to start by celebrating the city and its food traditions.

The 12th of April 2014, from 12:00 – 17:00, we will host a new market concept on the Nes (200 meters far from Dam Square, and historical location of the meat market in Amsterdam). The market is based on re-discovering our relationship with the food tradition, which will in turn shed new light on our present day appreciation and understanding.

The Old Amsterdam Food Market not only features a selection of the best local ingredients, but also offers workshops and tasting experiences, as several local entrepreneurs will work with the visitors to prepare food following traditional methods.

Be ready to discover unimaginable ingredient combinations and edible items you did not know existed…trust us, it will be delicious.

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The Old Amsterdam Food Market is supported by Stadsdeel Centrum and organized in collaboration with the Flemish Cultural Center, the Brakke Grond, following the framework of their historical exploration exhibition “Arbeid van de Dag” (Labor of the Day), which explores new innovations looking into the labor of today and the future. Check out de Brakke Grond’s Labor of the Day month long program of events here.


Nes 45, 1012 KD Amsterdam, at de Brakke Grond


12th of April 2014, from 12:00 – 17:00


Metropolitan Deli – most spectacular chocolates and ice cream.
Vleesch Noch Vischrefreshingly fresh vegetarian dishes.
Keuken van het Ongewenste Diergetting creative and sustainable, sourcing, prepping and serving deliciously ‘edible pests’.
De Pasteibakkerij old-fashioned methods of pig and other meat preparations
De Smaak te Pakken – mobile cooking laboratory focusing on youth educational programs and strengthening the relationship with real food, bodies and environment.
BBROOD – bread in beautiful, pure simplicity: handmade, baked and enjoyed with pleasure in Amsterdam and Uganda.
Brouwerij de Prael – microbrew beer made according to tradition, in a brewery/shop/tasting room of rich history in one of the oldest areas of the city.
Frank’s Smoke House – ‘very honest food freaks’, these guys smoke just about everything (meats and fish), using top-quality ingredients and traditional, sustainable, small-scale and local practices.
Meat the Mushroom – a young company in Amsterdam Noord, developing new mushroom-based meat substitutes with tasty, sustainably grown specialty varieties.
Gallery PR2 – specializing in ‘plein air’ oil paintings, painting nature and cityscapes in open air, two featured artists – Natalia Dik and Anna Pavlova – will be at the market painting scenes.

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13:30 – Anke de Vrieze will present the day’s program and introduce new developments for the kick of the Old Amsterdam Food Tour’s 2014 season.

14:00 – Diny Schouten of De Pasteibakkerij present their way of special way of working, values, motivations and more.

14:30 – Workshop: Bbrood – Bake your own bread for FREE! 30 minute workshop, fresh bread available for pickup at 16:00! **Only room for 10 people – you must register through email – anke(at)farmingthecity(dot)net, to receive your ticket!**

15:00 – Sietske Klooster of Melksalon will explain her work, offering information on raw milk production, with samples of raw milk from farmers in the Amsterdam region.

15:30 – Frank Heyn of Frank’s Smoke House share the specialties of traditional, top-quality meat smoking.

*Lectures in Dutch

In collaboration with De Brakke Grond
Supported by Stadsdeel Centrum


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