Tour of Amsterdam local food systems with Oslo County and Region

A day of knowledge exchange with our Norwegian sustainability fellows

Norway is witnessing an historical moment in supporting more resilient food systems. Together with the Norwegian Landscape Architect Pernille Leivestad and a group of 13 representatives of Oslo region and County, we will explore three iconic urban agriculture projects in Amsterdam:

– I can change the World with my two hands: an allotment garden that has been initiated by a group of neighbors in an old swimming pool estate and developed into a more complex initiative, managing a local shop and providing courses for kids and adults.

– Zuidpark: Urban Farming Rooftop sits on the roof of a modernist office building that has recently been renovated to offer flexible, mobile working facilities. The rooftop has several functions: it serves as the office park, where people can meet, walk, and eat lunch. It is also a cultivation space where 70 different fruits, vegetables and herbs are grown.

De Toasti Fabriek: an art project, where the basic ingredients to make a a toasti  are “grown”. Pigs have been slaughtered and ham has being made, cows are milked to make cheese, and grain has been harvested to make the toasti bread, everything within the urban ring.

After the tour, we will talk bout local food councils, policies and politics. It will be an afternoon of knowledge exchange and inspiration. Stay tuned for an overview of the initiative.

Created on 27 August 2013

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