The Tosti Factory aims to create awareness about what we eat and where it comes from. From February onwards you can go and see what precedes your tosti on your plate!
by Toha De Brant

Everyone living in Holland knows what a Tosti, Dutch for grilled cheese sandwich, is about. And they all have their own personal reason for this tosti-love, being easy, cheap, but tasty. Ever wandered what goes into its making? From February onwards you can experience the whole production process of the tosti from start to end.

Voordekunst and Mediamatic joined forces to unravel the mystery of the well-known two slices of bread. A factory will be build, in the middle of the city of Amsterdam, making its food process transparent to all people.

Every ingredient: bread, ham, and cheese, will be made from scratch. For the making of the bread a period of 7 months will be needed. Growing the wheat, harvesting it, grinding it, and baking it. For the ham a piglet will be acquired, raised, butchered, and made into ham, taking up to 5 months. And last but not least: the cheese. The cow will need to be milked and the milk made into cheese. Followed by a period in which it needs to rest and mature to develop its extraordinary taste. This process will take 3 months from start to finish.

The project aims to create awareness about what we eat and where it comes from. By visualizing the relationship between food and urbanites the Tosti Factory creates opportunity to publicly communicate about food. Bringing the natural production process closer to the people. The first step of the process has already been made on the 25th of February; the seeds of the wheat for the bread have been sown! Throughout spring and summer the project intends to include residents, schoolchildren and other townspeople to come and help raising the pigs, milking the cows and pressing the cheese. By August the pigs will have grown, the cheese will be matured and the grain ready to be harvested. By September, after the baking of the bread, the first Tosti’s will be presented on a real harvest event. With everything in one place to produce, go and see at a glance what precedes your tosti on your plate!

The Tosti Factory is part of a larger project of Stichting Mediamatic: Freezing Favela, in which several people build a selfsupplying city in Amsterdam. The favela also includes an aquaponics farm. Outside the favela, on the VOC Kade where Mediamatic Fabriek is located (next to Roest) you will find the Tosti Factory. All donations are welcome! For € 25 euro you get one of the first 500 sandwiches, from € 100 you get a cheese, and for € 750, a pig named after you.

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