Taste This! The Future of Farming / A Night at the RedBar

How, where and what we’ll be farming in the future? Taste This! @Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, October 9 at 20.30

The Cultural Embassy is organizing “Taste This!”, an intimate evening that explores how, where and what we’ll be farming in the future.  This event will provide a taste of the future farm, from the back-to-the-earth ethos of bio-dynamic agriculture to the high-tech possibilities of lab-grown meat.  Taste This! Highlights exciting and wildly different solutions for our changing food supply.Four visionary speakers are Francesca Miazzo of Farming the City from CITIES together with Allison Guy of the Next Nature Network, Natascha Hagenbeek from I Can Change the World with my Two Hands and Martin Kullik of Steinbeisser Experimental Gastronomy.Due to the personal nature of this event, the organizer kindly asks you to please turn off your smart phones before entering. As some of the speakers will argue, slow and offline is the new definition of luxury! The organizer will not serving food at Taste This!, you are welcome to have dinner beforehand at the hotel’s excellent restaurant.As seats are limited, please contact Suzan Rulof: s.rulof@lloydhotel.com  for reservation and please arrive promptly.

Where and what time?

October 9 at 20.30

The RedBar

Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy

Oostelijke Handelskade 34

Check the text below about the invited speakers organizations


Farming the City is a project developed by CITIES Foundation. It has been running since November 2010, investigating the impact of local food initiatives and urban agriculture in our built environments, economic systems and community cohesion. Since then, Farming the City creates replicable food-related process, products and services adaptable to different urban contexts.


The Next Nature Network is a think tank and arts lab that investigates the new forms of nature the human technology creates. Its most recent project, the In Vitro Meat Cookbook, features speculative recipes that explore the aesthetic, ethical and societal impacts of lab-grown meat. This book uses “design fiction” to help readers decide what meat future they actually want.


Steinbeisser Experimental Gastronomy is a series of dinners using local, biodynamic ingredients to highlight the cultural complexity and biodiversity of plant-based foods grown in the Netherlands. Steinbeisser dinners seek to redefine our eating habits not only through promoting rare or overlooked foods, but also through sustainable farming methods and even the very tools we use to eat.

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I Can Change the World with my Two Hands is an initiative set up by artist Natascha Hagenbeek in the Amsterdam Bos & Lommel neighborhood. It aims to Enhance people’s living environment through a collaborative local vegetable garden, ‘Food from the Hood’. 35 local gardeners are involved in maintaining the vegetable garden.

Created on 01 October 2013

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