Suwon, South Korea. Foodlogica at the ICLEI Urban Mobility Congress

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In Korea, this September we will witness to one of the most impressive collection of urban transport innovation. Yes, just one neighbourhood, that’s the test case for sustainable mobility, not only in Korea, but also for the whole world. From September 1st till September 30th in Suwon, a city not far from Seoul, the lucky ones that already booked the ticket, will have the possibility to see a real life showcase featuring ecofriendly vehicles and showing how will people get around and transport goods in the future.

Haenggung-dong, is the name of the neighborhood that will temporarily adopt an ecomobile lifestyle to experience how traveling through integrated, socially inclusive, and healthy transport options can influence their lives positively. This will all be labeled under the frame of a Festival, the EcoMobily World Festival, which will will be opened by an homonymous congress.
Our work in the field of local food system, brought us to the EcoMobility 2013 Suwon congress (1 – 4 September 2013), which according to organizers will convene the world’s champions of EcoMobility. CITIES is not only an endorsing partner of the Festival, but has been invited as a keynote speaker during the Congress in the session: Implementing EcoMobility, which will be on Tuesday the 3rd of September.

This section tackles one of the main challenges that cities face today: to provide efficient and financially sustainable EcoMobility. An inefficient transport system not only damages the environment, but also costs local governments a significant amount of money. This session will explore financially viable approaches to EcoMobility as well as explain the economic benefits to making a city more ecomobile.

Together with Lloyd Wright (Senior Transport Specialist, ADB), Wilfried Nünthel (District Councillor for Urban Development, Berlin-Lichtenberg), and Sunggyu Geo (EV Infrastructure Network Research Center), our urban food system specialist, Anke de Vrieze, will present FOODLOGICA.
FOODLOGICA is a resilient, zero-emission system of local food transportation. It approaches Eco Mobility as an innovative tool to support local economies, focusing on localizing food systems. Together with other local partners, we are developing an electric local food distribution systems that helps restaurants to be more resilient, when it comes to source their supply. Anke will briefly show the “path” that brought us to focus on urban transport as a new entrepreneurial activity, focusing on the tension between global/local food systems. The second part of the presentation will show FOODLOGICA and its concept, focusing on the innovative aspects and the benefits for the local economy, for local restaurants and farmers.

Created on 27 August 2013

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