Our Special Edition of the Old Amsterdam Food Tour with Carolyn Steel was a big success!
The special edition of our Old Amsterdam Food Tour, organized in collaboration with the Food Film Festival, was a big success!

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Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam
On this special edition, we were honoured to have Carolyn Steel, architect and writer of the famous book Hungry City (http://www.hungrycitybook.co.uk/) join us on an exploration of the history of food in Amsterdam. Eventhough tempatures were low - it was in fact the coldest 24th of March ever recorded - spirits were high and about 25 enthusiastic people were brave enough to face the arctic adventure!

Starting on Nieuwmarkt, exploring how cities were shaped by geography and discussing the importance of the Weighing House for a city’s control of the food system, we made our way around the old city centre following the traces of the trade in beer, grain, fruit, vegetables, fish and meat. After an hour’s walk, we took refuge at Cafe De Brakke Grond on Nes to further discuss the relationship between food and cities over a hot cup of tea. The group had the opportunity to ask questions to Anke and Carolyn and we had an interesting discussion about how industrialization and the disappearance of food from the heart of the city, led to squeamishness about what parts of an animal we do and do not eat. After this really nice and interesting afternoon we took the bike to the Food Film Festival where we were awaited with spicy soup on their bustling Food Market.

Missed this tour? You can still join us on one of our upcoming tours on Sunday 14/4, 21/4, 19/5 or 26/5. Subscribe at foodtour@farmingthecity.net.

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