CITIES is ready for the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013! Have a look at our choice!
by Barbara Koole & Toha De Brant

CITIES is ready for the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013! From today, Rotterdam will be overflowed with cinema from all over the world. Here is our selection of films connected to a variation of urban themes around the globe:

1. Après mai – Paris

Paris, early 1970s. Gilles is a student swept up in the political and creative vitality of the times. Like his friends, he wavers between commitment and personal aspirations, and needs to make crucial choices in order to find himself in a tumultuous age.

2. Austerity Measures – Athens

A portrait of the Exarchia district in Athens during the austerity protests. Fists and flyers. Filmed in separated red, green and blue.

Austerity Measures

3. Boy eating the bird’s food – Athens

Yorgos is 22 and lives in Athens. He dœsn’t have a job, money, a girlfriend or food. His most important possessions are his canary and his beautiful singing voice. And then he also loses his home. A moving and painful commentary on the present crisis in Greece.

4. A brief history of collapses – Kassel, Germany & Kabul, Afghanistan

The uncanny similarity between Kassel’s Museum Fridericianum and the Darul Aman Palace in Kabul – two buildings constructed two centuries and a continent apart – is exploited to explore parallels, divergences and connections between their present and past conditions, uses, narratives and contexts.

5. Centro histórico – Guimaraes, Portugal

A layered omnibus film on the historic town of Guimarães in Northern Portugal, with contributions from maestros Costa, Erice and (local resident) Kaurismäki, and a final part from Manoel de Oliveira (104 years old).

6. Un dimanche matin – Paris

Like every Sunday morning, a man walks his dog in the Paris suburbs.

Where are a man and his dog going so early in the morning? The dawn chorus hasn’t even started. The man is the first person outside. He peeks over a fence and sits down. If only every Sunday were like this. A quiet film in which dawn slowly awakens the world.


7. A Fallible Girl – Dubaï & China

Young Chinese woman has started a mushroom farm in the desert of the Gulf states. Ambition, love, identity, uprooting and a clash of cultures in a visually impressive second film by the cosmopolitan Clark, who lives in China. A report from the New World.



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