Guided tour

Old Amsterdam Food Tour (OAFT) on August and September
a city tour that explains Amsterdam’s historic relationship with food and food trade

Type of activity
Guided tour
Date of the activity
August 2013

Location of the activity
Mediamatic and the Tostifabriek
In August and September we had the pleasure of taking different groups of students on our Old Amsterdam Food Tour (OAFD).

On August 27, a group of 15 students from the US, all studying for a semester at UvA/IES, joined us on the OAFT by foot. Having arrived just the day before in Amsterdam, the Food Tour was their very first introduction to city and the students were much impressed by the city and its long history.

On August 30, another group of 30 students from the Food Academy/Hogeschool In Holland joined us on the OAFT by foot. Divided in two groups, we explored the history of food in Amsterdam.

On Sept 12th a group of students from Hotelschool The Hague joined us on a special OAFT by bike. After biking along the 19th-century city edge, exploring the history of food during times of the Industrial Revolution, we ended at Mediamatic and the Tostifabriek. At Mediamatic, we had a look at the aquaponics system, in which Mediamatic experiments with a system to grow fish and vegetables in a closed loop system. At the Tostifabriek, everyone was busy preparing for the final ‘tosti’ event on Saturday 14th. Although the grain was harvested and the cows and pigs had gone, two of the initiators were happy to explain the process of the Tostifabriek to the students of the Hotelschool, who very greatly inspired. We ended with a nice lunch at Roest. Thank you Joost de Vos and Robert Gallicano for taking your students in Gastronomy on this tour with us!

You can book the Old Amsterdam Food Tour for groups of 15 persons or more. Please write to for more info.

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